Planet Stewards' Watch Newsletter, April 2020

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News you can use from NOAA Planet Stewards 

"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow."

Helen Keller

Planet Stewards Education Program Connection Links

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NOAA Distance Learning & Multimedia Educational Survey

Using distance learning and multimedia resources these days? Help NOAA help you. We want to know what type of STEM multimedia and distance learning you as an educator would like to use with your students, as well as your own professional development. Take this very short survey and let us know how NOAA can help you!



NOAA Planet Stewards Book Club – 

MONDAY, APRIL 20, 8pm Eastern Time;

Dial Toll Free 1-866-662-7513

followed by passcode 1170791#

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The Big Melt (young adult Cli-Fi) will be discussed.

Big Melt

Planet Stewards Webinar: Flying Into the Storm! Hurricane Hunters


Hurricane season starts June 1 in the US so there’s no better time to learn how NOAA aircraft collect crucial observations to improve the understanding and prediction of these massive cyclonic storms. Access the webinar here as well as other archived Planet Steward webinars.


FIVE: For Kids from the NOAA National Hurricane Center


FIVE: NOAA NWS National Hurricane Center is hosting hurricane webinars for kids. Find out more and join them!

FOUR: “Trends in Our Changing Climate” Poster Now Available

Climate poster

FOUR: NOAA’s Climate Office designed this poster to support educators and learners through the use of the Fourth National Climate Assessment, NOAA’s Global Climate Dashboard, and content for each climate change indicator. To request a poster, send a request to

THREE: All About Turtles!


THREE:  MarineQuest outreach program from Univ. of No. Carolina Wilmington has a FREE virtual Turtle Trash Collectors program funded by NOAA’s Marine Debris Program! This program educates youth about the impacts of marine debris and encourages behavior changes. Students can also participate in a virtual simulated sea turtle dissection and earn digital badges on their way to becoming a Turtle Trash Collector. This program is designed for 3rd-5th graders but can be adapted for older students. 

TWO: Dive into NOAA Ocean Service and NOAA Sanctuaries!


Find coloring sheets, puzzles, activities, and more from NOAA’s Ocean Service “Discover Your World with NOAA” and from National Marine Sanctuaries.


ONE: NOAA Webinars with NOAA Live!


Florida Sea Grant has just finalized a new "Bite-sized Science" webinar series, which is starting the week of Earth Day. NOAA has pooled the resources of its fabulous Sea Grant Extension Agents throughout Florida and are offering daily weekday webinars at 4 pm EST from April 20 through May 28. These are short (30-minute) presentations that are science-based on a range of topics. 

Also, Woods Hole Sea Grant in collaboration with other NOAA offices is offering NOAA Live! webinars for kids on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11am Eastern Time.  All webinars are recorded for later viewing. Register or view archived webinars here.

Love to learn about NOAA, its science, and programs?

Sign up to attend upcoming OneNOAA Science Seminars. Check them all out! A few of note include:

Educator opportunities

Climate Generation’s “Band Together Climate Solutions Webinar Series Presents “Choice” Thursday, May 14th 1pm EDT

Learn about the power of personal narrative when talking about climate change. Discover your own personal climate change story and learn how to use your voice to create change! Register Here!


Serious Games for Coastal and Marine Learning 

A recent movement—“serious gaming”—is revitalizing the idea that games can do a lot more than just entertain. Check out games that are being used to engage stakeholders, educate students and the general public, and conduct research. 

Serious Games
Class opportunities

Take the Earth Day Challenge!

Earth Day Network

In the face of a challenge that forces us to stay apart, the Earth Day Network is offering challenges to bring the world together. This 22-day series connects people through micro-challenges to take action right now, and every day, for our planet. Sign up!

Earth Day Live! From April 22-24

Earth Day Live

Earth Day Live! Is a youth-led 72-hour live stream and online mobilization engaging people around the world in collective action to protect our climate and communities. It features performances from artists and influencers, panels with activists .on the front lines of the climate crisis, teach-ins and conversations with elected officials to keep people informed, and inspired. To join Earth Day Live, RSVP for updates on the live stream, and tune in online on April 22

Student opportunities

World Fish Migration Day Award

The Fish Migration Art Award highlights the diversity of migratory fish from across the world and the importance of the free-flowing rivers they rely on. This global contest is open to all artists ages 5-18 and is free to enter. The deadline to submit artwork is April 30th, 2020 Visit to learn more.

World Fish Day

Watch and Learn about the Polar Extremes


In the two-hour special ,Polar Extremes, paleontologist Kirk Johnson takes you on an epic adventure through time at the polar extremes of our planet. Following a trail of strange fossils found in all the wrong places - beech trees in Antarctica, hippo-like mammals in the Arctic - Johnson uncovers the bizarre history of the poles, from miles-high ice sheets to warm polar forests teeming with life. What caused such dramatic changes at the ends of the Earth? And what can the past reveal about our planet’s climate today—and in the future?

Conference Reports


Earth Optimist 2020 Smithsonian

Smithsonian's Earth Optimism 2020 (Digital)

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, join the Smithsonian for an Earth Optimism digital event that will showcase stories of small and large-scale actions that frame the conversation and demonstrate that success is possible. This digital summit was planned following the cancellation of the onsite summit with the same speakers and content. Learn more and join online.

Ed Resources

Decoding the Weather Machine Film and Educators Guide

Decoding the Weather Machine is a two-hour film that joins scientists around the world on a quest to discover how Earth’s intricate climate system is changing and how we can be resilient in the face of this enormous change. The Educator’s Guide provides an overview of climate change research and guiding questions for a discussion about the topics explored in the film. Find it here.

Decoding the Weather Machine

US Department of Energy’s STEM Rising Educational Resources


The US Department of Energy has hundreds of programs throughout its 17 National Laboratories serving Kindergarten through workforce levels. STEM Rising includes: 

Outdoor Science Education from the BEETLES Project

The University of California BEETLES Project is a collection of passionate science and environmental educators devoted to improving the quality of outdoor science education. BEETLES offers free student and nature-centered resources for outdoor science organizations. Learn more.

Beetles Program

UCAR Earth from Home Collection

UCAR’s Help K-12 Students Learn About Earth from Home collection highlights educational games and simulations, videos, short articles, and online books about Earth and atmospheric science. There are also links to citizen science programs and classroom activities that will work well for K-12 students learning from home.

UCAR Home Education

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