Climate Alive!: 2019 2nd Warmest On Record - Go behind the headlines.

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NEW VIDEO - 2019 Climate Alive!; 2nd Warmest On Record

Heat Waves and the Ocean-Weather-Climate Connection

Climate Alive!

2019 was the second-warmest year on record, contributing to devastating coral bleaching, ocean heat waves and deadly, ferocious hurricanes. Learn about the ocean and atmospheric science driving headlines featuring climate extremes and weird weather.

Climate Alive! - LINK (2:54)

What can we do?

What can we do? 

Corals are under threat

Learn about some of the bold and brilliant ideas researchers and conservationists have to rescue corals and coral reefs from disaster. 

What can we do? - LINK (5:45)

2019 Deep Dive Greatest Hits


2019 Deep Dive Greatest Hits: "It's a good day to be an octopus."

Join NOAA explorer Debi Blaney as she shares NOAA scientists' groundbreaking discoveries, and how to watch one of their expeditions live.

2019 Deep Dive Greatest Hits - LINK (4:15)