Reminder: The Northern Gulf of Maine Scallop Season Begins April 1

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NOAA Fisheries - New England - Mid Atlantic Bulletin

March 2, 2021

Reminder: The Northern Gulf of Maine Scallop Season Begins April 1

Activity in the Northern Gulf of Maine (NGOM) scallop fishery has steadily increased over the last few years. The Northeast Division of NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement recognizes that many vessels relocate to the area for the season and may not be familiar with all of the federal scallop regulations. 

Permit Renewal

All vessels fishing for scallops must have an active NGOM or Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) permit. The easiest way to renew your scallop permit is to fill out your forms electronically through your Fish Online account 

Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Requirements

All federally permitted NGOM and IFQ scallop vessels must have an operational Vessel Monitoring System (VMS). All trips must be declared through the vessel’s VMS prior to leaving port. The declaration for a NGOM trip should be SES-SCG-NGXDXX. In addition, all vessels must submit a Pre-Landing Report at least 6 hours before returning to port on each trip. For assistance with VMS requirements, please contact 978-281-9213.

Stellwagen Bank Scallop Closed Area

The Stellwagen Bank Closed Area is closed through fishing year 2021. This closure is to protect a substantial number of small scallops that have not recruited into the fishery.

Only One Landing Per Calendar Day

For example, if you complete a trip and land scallops midday on Monday, then depart for a second trip Monday afternoon, you cannot land scallops again until after midnight (i.e., Tuesday). However, you may return to harbor prior to midnight, but your vessel cannot land at any dock, land, or facility.

Selling to a Federally Permitted Dealer

Federally permitted vessels must sell to a federally permitted dealer. We understand COVID-19 may have impacted the market and many fishermen seek to sell directly to the consumer. However, to sell your scallops directly to the consumer you need a federal dealer permit. Please contact GARFO for questions and to obtain a federal dealer permit at 978-282-8438 or visit our website.


Industry: Office of Law Enforcement, Northeast Division, 978-281-9213 

Media: Contact Jennifer Goebel, Regional Office, 978-281-9175