Reminder: Restricted Gear Area Turnover

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NOAA Fisheries - New England - Mid Atlantic Bulletin

June 11, 2020

Reminder: Restricted Gear Area Turnover

Beginning June 16

There are four restricted areas (RGA) that are alternately closed to either trap or mobile gear on a seasonal basis. These areas were agreed upon by the mobile gear and trap fishermen to reduce gear conflicts. These areas run west to east along the 50 fathom contours, south of New England.

Please refer to the table below that outlines which areas will be closed to mobile gear and fixed lobster gear.  Fixed lobster gear must be removed from RGAs 1 and 2 and mobile gear vessels may not fish in RGAs 3 and 4 beginning June 16, 2020.  For a map of these areas please visit the lobster species page under the Resources tab.

Table 1. Restricted Gear Area Dates for Mobile and Fixed Lobster Gear

Restricted Gear Area (RGA)

Area Closed to Mobile Gear

Area Closed to Lobster Fixed Gear


Oct 1-Jun 15

Jun 16-Sep 30


Nov 27-Jun 15

Jun 16-Nov 26


Jun 16-Nov 26

Jan 1-Apr 30


Jun 16-Sep 30




Fishermen: Contact Laura Hansen, Regional Office, 978- 281-9225

Media: Contact Allison Ferreira, Regional Office, 978-281-9103