ICYMI: Dive into 2017 Restoration Data

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Dive Into 2017 Gulf Spill Restoration Data

Trustees released annual reports on all of last year's projects and activities on April 20.

A diver with a large underwater camera swims through a coral restoration nursery.

The Trustees are committed to providing annual reports to the public to show our restoration progress, as well as how we’re spending settlement funds.

In case you missed it, we notified the public of the 2017 Annual Financial Summary Report, individual project reports, and an overview of 2017 projects, planning and other activities on April 20.

The annual financial summary report includes information on fund allocations and expenditures for each Trustee Implementation Group. 

Links to individual project reports are found on each Restoration Area page and on our interactive map on the Gulf Spill Restoration website. These options offer detailed project information including descriptions, maps, activities, and dashboards in addition to financial and environmental compliance information. 

For more in-depth data exploration tools, use our Data Integration Visualization Exploration and Reporting Portal, or “DIVER.” This is an easy-to-remember acronym for a powerful restoration reporting tool. You can use DIVER to search and download data on all our restoration projects and related activities.

Learn more about 2017 planning, projects and activities >


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