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November 21, 2023

Photo of a scientist in a lab. Photo provided by NC State University.

Global Leadership in the Bioeconomy

The bioeconomy is often cited as a pathway to addressing some of the world’s most serious challenges. It can help secure climate change and sustainability from food security to energy independence to personalized health. Products, services, and processes derived from biological resources (cell lines, plants, and microorganisms) will be a key component of the future global economy. Learn how institutes in the Manufacturing USA® Network are helping the U.S. secure global leadership in this emerging area.

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Screen grab from De-Risking Tech Startups video.

De-Risking Tech Startups

While the U.S. leads the world in innovation and R&D spending, many discoveries are stranded in labs or scaled up overseas as companies struggle to invest in domestic development and production. See how Manufacturing USA institutes help nurture startups across the “innovation valley of death” by accelerating and de-risking their technology development through various uniquely created offerings.

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Person standing on a ladder in a lab - BioMADE

BioMADE Awarded NSF Grant to Accelerate Bioindustrial Manufacturing Workforce Readiness

In August, BioMADE, in partnership with member Delgado Community College, received a National Science Foundation grant to develop pioneering new industry-driven curricula for bioindustrial manufacturing that will build the technical workforce needed to support this growing sector.

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Scientist in a NIIMBL lab

NIIMBL Launches Viral Vector Program to Improve Access to AAV Gene Therapy

Earlier this month NIIMBL officially launched the Viral Vectors NIIMBL-led Program focused on developing and making broadly available robust, economically viable, shared manufacturing processes and analytical platforms for Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV) gene therapy vectors.

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Colorful photo of a manufacturing plant

Creating an Equitable Clean Energy Future

Reducing industrial emissions requires two key elements – solutions that must have positive economic value and are not overly complex to implement. Learn how Manufacturing USA Network institutes are working to enable manufacturers to save energy and water without having to make large investments in equipment and reinventing traditional chemical engineering processes that rely on reactions, separations and heat exchange.

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Photo of instructor at America's Cutting Edge

Scalable Solutions to the Employment Gap Problem

Discover how three manufacturing sectors have developed innovative education and workforce development programs that can be implemented in different communities alongside local manufacturers to equip aspiring professionals with the specialty skills needed to thrive in the future.

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Hear from the Modern Makers

John Louka and Rodrigo Perez Modern Makers Podcast promotion

Modern Makers John Louka of CESMII and Rodrigo Perez of MxD have much in common as application and system integration engineers, and they discuss how they arrived at their respective jobs at Manufacturing USA institutes, high-tech jobs of the future, the future of AI, and much more. Listen to their episode.

Adonis Summerville Modern Makers Podcast Promo

Modern Maker Adonis Summerville tells his incredible story about how a CNC machining training program helped him turn his life around. Adonis became an ace machinist and is now a senior metalworking skills instructor at the Jane Addams Resource Corporation based in Chicago. He is active in the growing America’s Cutting Edge (ACE) national training initiative, which is part of IACMIListen to his episode.

Aeon Williams and Rachel Swamy Modern Makers podcast promo

Aeon Williams is a software application engineer at Spark Photonics (AIM Photonics), and Rachel Swamy is a research assistant at NIIMBL. While Aeon and Rachel didn’t see themselves in manufacturing, they followed their passions in science and technology and found sustaining careers, challenging the status quo along the way. Listen to their episode.

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