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The Importance of Transparency – Fueling Trust and Security Through Communication

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Who needs to know ‘What,’ ‘When,’ and ‘How’ to tell them

The Challenge

There are many challenges to providing and maintaining cybersecurity in today’s connected world. While product developers increasingly consider security as they design and build products, they may not always communicate critical cybersecurity information about their connected products. Information gaps present a challenge to stakeholders—especially customers—who have limited insight into the security processes, functions and features that protect connected products, components, and services. Effective communication is the next step towards a more secure connected ecosystem.  

Many of our conversations about connected products focus on connectivity in the technical sense (protocols, algorithms, etc.). Promoting trust among participants in the ecosystem and reducing the cybersecurity risks associated with using these products relies on a different type of communication: open dialogue and sharing information. This helps increase knowledge and improve peoples’ understanding about the cybersecurity of a connected product and is a shared responsibility; from hardware and software component suppliers to product developers, system integrators, security researchers and end users… each member of the ecosystem has a role to play. Ideally, ecosystem members should work in alignment to truly mitigate risk—but they all need information to play their part.  

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