NIST Launches New Trustworthy and Responsible AI Resource Center


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NIST Launches New Trustworthy and Responsible AI Resource Center: Includes First Version of AI Risk Management Framework Playbook

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) announces the launch of the NIST Trustworthy and Responsible AI Resource Center (AIRC), a one-stop-shop for foundational content, technical documents, and toolkits to enable responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AIRC offers industry, government, and academic stakeholders knowledge of AI standards, measurement methods and metrics, datasets, and other resources. 

The launch of the AI Resource Center was announced during the White House Summit for Democracy held this week. The AIRC is part of NIST’s continued effort to promote a shared understanding and improve communication among those seeking to operationalize trustworthy and responsible AI. 

The Resource Center will facilitate implementation of trustworthy and responsible approaches such as those described in NIST’s AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF). That voluntary Framework articulates and offers guidance for addressing the key building blocks of trustworthy AI in order to better manage risks to individuals, organizations, and society associated with AI.

The initial version of the AIRC, which will be expanded over time based on contributions from NIST and others, includes the AI RMF 1.0 and the first complete version of the  companion playbook. Content in the AI RMF Playbook can now be filtered by AI RMF function, topic, and AI actor role so that users can quickly isolate relevant information most useful to them. 

The AIRC includes access to a standards tracker about AI standards around the globe, along with a metrics hub to assist in test, evaluation, verification, and validation of AI. 

A trustworthy and responsible AI Glossary in the AIRC is being released in beta format as a spreadsheet as approaches to visualize the relationships between and among these terms continue to advance. A final glossary will be produced at a later date based on input from the community.

In addition, the new resource center will  be a repository for NIST technical and policy documents related to the AI RMF, the NIST AI publication series, as well as NIST-funded external resources in the area of trustworthy and responsible AI. 

The AIRC Engagements and Events page will include updates on how to engage with NIST on the topic of trustworthy and responsible AI. 

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