NIST Launches an Automotive Cybersecurity Community of Interest: Participants Wanted


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NIST Cybersecurity and Privacy Program

NIST is Calling for Participants for a Community of Interest Focusing on Automotive Cybersecurity

The automotive industry is facing significant challenges from increased cybersecurity risk and adoption of AI and opportunities from rapid technological innovations. NIST is setting up this community of interest (COI) to allow the industry to discuss, comment, and provide input on the work that NIST is doing which will affect the automotive industry. Topics can include:

  • Cryptography
    • Cryptographic agility
    • Deprecation challenges
  • Supply chain
    • Code integrity and distribution
    • Management of hardware, firmware, and software composition and inventory to respond to cybersecurity vulnerabilities
    • Integrity of development, integration, build, and distribution environments
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) cybersecurity risk management in automated vehicles (AVs)
    • Develop measurement approaches for establishing safety and security criteria for AI in AV
      • Identify and quantify risks for AI algorithms used in AVs
      • Adversarial attacks and mitigations testing and evaluation

The COI is open and will provide a way for NIST to obtain comments and feedback from the automotive industry. For example, NIST may ask the COI to comment on publications; assist in developing use cases; and provide insight into cybersecurity challenges of innovative technologies.

Industry, government and academics are all welcome to join.

To sign up for the Automotive Cybersecurity COI, please email

Questions may be sent to

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