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Discover NIMH is a newsletter from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to help community advocates and health professionals raise awareness about mental disorders and the importance of mental health research. Find free education and outreach materials in this newsletter and on our Education and Awareness portal to share with your community. We encourage you to use the hashtag #shareNIMH to connect with people and organizations with similar goals. 



March 30 is World Bipolar Day

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that typically has its onset in the late teens to early twenties. While bipolar disorder is far less common than depression in adolescents, it can be extremely impairing and is associated with a high risk of suicide. Use the resources below to join NIMH in raising awareness about the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder in teenagers and young adults, and the importance of early intervention and treatment. 

For World Bipolar Day, find additional statistics and information about bipolar disorder to share with people in your community. You can also download and share social media graphics and messages from the Children & Adolescent Mental Health Education and Awareness page. 

Infographic: Bipolar Disorder in Teens and Young Adults: Know the Signs

Bipolar Disorder infographic

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, marked by episodes of mania and depression. Know the signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder in teens and young adults: #shareNIMH

Brochures on Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder brochure cover image

Bipolar Disorder in Children and Teens Brochure

This brochure provides information for parents about bipolar disorder (also known as manic-depressive illness) in children and teenagers. It addresses signs and symptoms, treatment options, and how parents can help their child with this disorder. Learn more at #shareNIMH




BIpolar Disorder Spanish cover

Bipolar Disorder brochure now available in Spanish

Share information about bipolar disorder with your community en español

El trastorno bipolar es un trastorno mental que puede ser crónico o episódico (lo que significa que ocurre ocasionalmente y a intervalos irregulares). Puede ocasionar cambios inusuales, a menudo extremos y fluctuantes en el estado de ánimo, el nivel de energía y de actividad, y la concentración. Aprende más: #shareNIMH



March 20 is National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

HIV, or human immunodeficiency virus, is the virus that causes AIDS. People living with HIV or AIDS have an increased risk of developing mood, anxiety, and cognitive disorders. 

People with HIV/AIDS are at a higher risk for mental health disorders. Learn more about HIV/AIDS and mental health at #NNHAAD #shareNIMH



Share Mental Health Information in Spanish

NIMH offers basic information in Spanish on mental disorders and related topics for patients and their families, health professionals, and the public. Higher quantities of printed materials are available now and can be ordered free of charge at

El NIMH ofrece información básica en español sobre los trastornos mentales y temas relacionados dirigida a pacientes y sus familias, profesionales de la salud y el público en general. Ahora tenemos disponibles cantidades más grandes de nuestros materiales impresos. Solicítelos gratis en #shareNIMH

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