Screening Gap | AML | Nuclear Power Plants, Cancer Information Highlights, 05/25/2022

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Cancer Information Highlights
From the National Cancer Institute
Updating you about cancer causes, prevention, screening, treatment, coping, and more
New from NCI
Closing the Cancer Screening Gap Caused by COVID
technician positions woman in mammography machine   Many hospitals and community health centers are trying to increase cancer screening rates after the COVID pandemic caused them to plummet. Learn about an effort to add 70,000 monthly screening tests over a 6-month period.
New Option for Some People with AML
woman with scarf on her head sitting in an infusion room with health care professional   Some people with an aggressive form of blood cancer called acute myeloid leukemia (AML) who are unable to receive chemotherapy as their first treatment may soon have a new option. Learn more about this new treatment, which is a combination of ivosidenib (a targeted therapy) and azacitidine (a chemotherapy).
Accidents at Nuclear Power Plants and Cancer Risk

This updated page explains ionizing radiation and how people might be exposed to it after an accident at a nuclear power plant. Learn more about risks of exposure and how you can protect yourself.
HPV and Pap Testing

This updated page describes HPV tests and Pap tests and their role in cervical cancer screening. Learn how Pap and HPV tests are done, how often they should be done, and how HPV test results are reported.
Cancer Death Rates among Black People Declined Over Time, But Remain High

From 1999 to 2019, US cancer death rates fell among Black people. Yet, in 2019, their rates remained higher than those of other racial and ethnic groups.
For Early-Stage Lung Cancer, Nivolumab and Chemo before Surgery Proves Effective
Stage III B lung cancer is 5cm or smaller--about the size of a lime.   Read about the results from a large clinical trial that suggest giving people with early-stage lung cancer the immunotherapy drug nivolumab (Opdivo) and chemotherapy before surgery can slow the growth or return of their cancer.
Advances in Thyroid Cancer Research

This updated page explains recent research results and progress related to the treatment of thyroid cancer. It also describes ongoing projects supported by NCI to study the causes of thyroid cancer and the best ways to treat it.

Also of Interest
When Someone You Love Is Being Treated for Cancer

This updated booklet offers practical coping and communication tips for friends and family members of someone with cancer. The booklet includes tips on how to cope with your feelings and ask for help, care for both your body and mind, talk with your kids about cancer, talk to the doctor, and talk with your loved one with cancer.
Risk Factors for Cancer: Sunlight

People of all ages and skin tones should limit the amount of time they spend in the sun, especially between midmorning and late afternoon, and avoid other sources of UV radiation, such as tanning beds.
Contact Us for Help

Information specialists at NCI’s Cancer Information Service (CIS), NCI's contact center, are available to help answer your cancer-related questions in English and Spanish. Reach us by phone, chat, or email.