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Study Adds to Debate about Screening for Melanoma
Dermatologist using a dermatoscope to examine the skin.   A new study finds that regular skin cancer screening leads to many diagnoses of very early-stage melanomas. These results add to a debate about whether screening is leading to overdiagnosis of melanoma in the United States.
Embryos Can Get Gene Mutations That Lead to Cancer in Adulthood
A cell with a mutation that occurs during embryo development grows to form some adult organs, producing a mosaic pattern in the person’s body.   Mutations in genes related to cancer that start in embryos may be more common than once thought, a new study shows. Finding out if a person has one of these mutations could be important for their cancer care.
Colonoscopy after Positive FIT Test Cuts Risk of Colorectal Cancer Death

In a study done in Italy, people who had a positive FIT result (signs of blood in the stool) but didn’t get a follow-up colonoscopy were twice as likely to die of colorectal cancer as those who did get a colonoscopy.
Body Location May Influence Fate of Cells with Cancer-Causing Mutations

Whether cells with genetic changes that are related to cancer will develop into tumors may partly depend on their location in the body, a new study finds. The study focused on a rare form of skin cancer called acral melanoma.

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