Tobacco Ban | Immunotherapy | Screening & Prevention, 02/16/2022

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Navajo Nation Bans Commerical Tobacco
A flyer developed as part of advocacy efforts in support of the Navajo Nation commercial tobacco ban that says I support Navajo casinos reopening 100% smoke-free.   The Navajo Nation has recently passed one of the most comprehensive bans on commercial tobacco products on American Indian tribal lands. Learn more about the research that helped pass this ban, which covers conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cigars, and similar products.
Gene May Explain Why Cancer Immunotherapy Doesn’t Work for Some People
HLA proteins display peptides from inside the cell to help immune cells find cancerous or infected cells.   A specific form of the HLA gene may make immune checkpoint inhibitors less effective for some people with cancer, according to an NCI-led study. If other studies confirm the finding, it could help guide the use of these drugs.
Personalized Immunotherapy for Metastatic Breast Cancer

An experimental form of immunotherapy that uses a person’s own tumor-fighting immune cells could be used to treat people with metastatic breast cancer who have no other treatment options. Read more about the results from this ongoing study at NCI’s Center for Cancer Research.
Closing the Gaps in Cancer Screening for All Americans
cover of report   The latest report from the President’s Cancer Panel shines a light on cancer screening. It discusses key gaps and barriers to cancer screening. It also suggests ways to help improve access to screening and follow-up care for all Americans.
Study Finds Potential Drug Target to Prevent Some Liver Cancers
SET THIS ALT TEXT   Researchers have found that mice that lack a certain protein in their livers are protected from a disease called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and the most common type of liver cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma.
Video—Cancer Prevention and Screening: Progress Made and Progress to Come

If you missed the live social media event, you can now watch the recording. Listen as subject matter experts from NCI and CDC discuss cancer prevention and screening.
Immunotherapy Drug Modestly Improves Survival in Advanced Biliary Tract Cancer

Adding durvalumab (Imfinzi) to standard chemotherapy modestly extended how long people with advanced biliary tract cancer lived. The immunotherapy drug may now be the standard first-line therapy for this hard-to-treat cancer.

PDQ Updates
Uterine Sarcoma Treatment

We’ve updated our page on uterine sarcoma treatment with revisions to the section that describes the stages of this disease.
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COVID-19: What People with Cancer Should Know

The COVID-19 situation in the United States continues to change, and so does guidance from experts as they learn more. Learn the latest on how to protect yourself from COVID-19, and find advice on vaccine booster shots. This page was updated on February 15, 2022.
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