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You are subscribed to Visuals Online from the National Cancer Institute. New images in NCI's collections are listed below.


More than 80 stunning microscopy images from the NCI-Designated Cancer Centers are now available for public download at The centers form the backbone of NCI's programs for studying and controlling cancer. The images were collected as part of the 2016 NCI Cancer Close Up project.

Abnormal Lipid Metabolism in Prostate Cancer  Actin in HPV-16 Oncoprotein  Anti-Tumor Immune Response  Anti-Tumor Immune Response

Breast Cancer Cells  Breast Cancer Cells  Breast Tumor Microenvironment

Breast Tumor Microenvironment  Cancer Immunotherapy  Cancer Spreading to the Bone  Cancer to Bone

Cervical Cancer Metastasis  Cervical Cancer Metastasis  Cervical Cancer Metastasis

Cervical Cancer Metastasis  Cervical Cancer Metastasis  Circulating Breast Cancer Cells  Circulating Breast Cancer Cells

Circulating Breast Tumor Cells  Cytoskeletal Proteins  Detecting Abnormal Cells in the Cervix

Drosophila Wing Cells  Focal Adhesions in Breast Cancer  Focal Adhesions in Breast Cancer  HPV-16 E5 Oncoprotein

HPV-16 E5 Oncoprotein  HPV-16 E5 Oncoprotein  HPV-16 E5 Oncoprotein

Heterogeneity in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer  Human Ectocervical Cells  Human Ectocervical Cells  Human Ectocervical Cells

Human Ectocervical Cells in 3D Culture  Human Foreskin Koilocytes  Human Mammary Epithelial Cells

Human Mammary Epithelial Cells  Human Mammary Epithelial Cells in 3D Culture  Hurricane in a Cell  Invasive Breast Cancer Cells

Kras-Driven Lung Cancer  Lipogenesis in Prostate Cancer  Lung Cancer Autophagy

Lung Cancer Desmoplasia  Lung Cancer Metastasis  Mammary Gland  Mammary Organoids

MicroRNA Delivery  Microtentacles and Metastasis  Migrating Lung Cancer Cells

Mimicking Multiple Myeloma  Mitochondrial Dynamics in Pancreatic Cancer  Mitochondrial Shape in Pancreatic Cancer  Mobile Cancer Factories

Mouse Mammary Carcinoma  Nanoparticles in the Brain  Non-Small Lung Cancer After Cisplatin Treatment

Non-Small Lung Cancer After Etoposide Treatment  Normal Mouse Mammary Cells  Ovarian Tumor Microenvironment  Pancreas Mosaic

Pancreatic Cancer Cells  Pancreatic Desmoplasia  Rainbow Bladder

Ras-Driven Cancer  Ras-Driven Cancer  Ras-Driven Cancer  Spatial Heterogeneity in the Tumor Microenvironment

Spheroids Cultured Under Hypoxia  Spheroids Cultured Under Normoxia  The Genesis of Cancer

The Motility of Cervical Cancer Cells  Transformed Breast Cells with  c-MYC  Treating Triple-Negative Breast Cancer  Treatment-Resistent Breast Cancer Cells

Tumor Hypoxia  Tumor Hypoxia  Tumor Vascular Network

Vascular Invasion by Cancer Cells  Vascular Invasion by Cancer Cells  Vista in Placenta Tissue  Zebrafish Model of Melanoma Tumor Invasion