Former U.S. Navy Cook Talks About Pain Management

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This Friday, November 11 is Veteran's Day. In honor of this holiday, we are sharing the story of

Patty Davis, who was a cook for 21 years in the U.S. Navy—and she loved it. But after years of hauling heavy loads of food over her shoulder up and down ship ladders, Patty is now paying the price: shoulder and back pain. She’s received excellent conventional health services through the Veterans Health Administration, including back surgery, but she still feels pain.


Patty decided to try something new in addition to her conventional treatment: acupuncture. And she was very pleased with the results. After her acupuncture session, she had no trouble rolling over to get off the treatment table, even though rolling over in bed was usually very painful.


Patty’s positive experience with acupuncture fuels her opinion on the value of complementary health research. She knows there are many veterans in pain and that finding approaches to help others like her is well worth the time.


As we head into Veterans Day, we want to thank you, Patty Davis, for your story and your service in the United States Navy.


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