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Thursday, October 26, 2023


Stamping Out Superbugs

An illustration of a bacterium with a skull face.

Over time, bacteria can stop responding to misused or overused drugs. Find out how to help guard against these superbugs. (From NIH News in Health)

Promoting Safe Infant Sleep

A baby lying on its back in a crib.

In October and beyond, encourage safe infant sleep and help raise awareness about ways to reduce the risk of SIDS. (From NIH’s NICHD)

Immune and Hormonal Features of Long COVID

A tired woman lying on a sofa.

Researchers found several immune and hormonal differences between people with Long COVID and those without. (From NIH Research Matters)

Hispanic Heritage Month

A smiling Hispanic family embracing.

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by exploring the NIH Spanish Health Information Portal, full of free health resources in Spanish that can help keep you and your family healthy.

Cancer Clinical Trials

A couple looking at a laptop.

Knowing what to expect from a clinical trial can help you decide to take part. Learn about their importance, how they work, and how to evaluate a clinical trial before joining. (From NIH’s NCI)