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Thursday, June 9, 2022


Understanding Autoimmune Diseases

An illustration of antibodies attacking a neuron.

Sometimes your immune system can make mistakes and attack your own body. Learn about the symptoms of autoimmune diseases. (From NIH News in Health)

Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

A senior man lying in the grass with his grandson.

Check out resources, news, and current research about Alzheimer’s disease, a progressive brain disorder. (From NIH’s NIA)

Health Benefits of Dietary Fibers Vary

Fiber capsules in a bowl surrounded by fibrous vegetables.

Different dietary fiber supplements were associated with different health benefits, such as decreased cholesterol and increased numbers of beneficial bacteria. (From NIH Research Matters)

HPV and Pap Testing

A woman speaking to her gynecologist.

Discover how HPV and Pap tests are done, how often you should be screened, and how test results are reported. (From NIH’s NCI)

Coping with Traumatic Events

A man comforting his young daughter with a hug.

Find information about ways to cope and how to find help when there is a traumatic event. (From NIH’s NIMH)