NIDDK director testifies to Congress on type 1 diabetes research and more in today’s NIDDK Director’s Update


NIDDK Director's Update

Fall 2019

Agodoa Hui Rodgers

Director’s Note

At NIDDK, international collaboration opportunities enable our scientists to share their expertise and offer critical insight into diseases and conditions that know no borders.


Dr. Anne Sumner

Getting to know: Dr. Anne Sumner

The chief of the Section on Ethnicity and Health in the Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Obesity Branch calls NIH the “Hollywood for scientists” and discusses her research, work in Africa, and advocacy for people with disabilities.

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Clinical Trials

Understanding study size

Clinical trials of any size can prove a point better than an observational study. Larger clinical trials often confirm something important to change our practice. However, small trials can make conceptual breakthroughs that change our thinking.

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Dr. Griffin Rodgers

NIDDK director testifies to Congress on type 1 diabetes research

The hearing, "Redefining Reality: How the Special Diabetes Program is Changing the Lives of Americans with Type 1 Diabetes," was held in conjunction with the Children's Congress, an event sponsored by JDRF. 

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NIDDK Picnic

NIDDK holds 2019 employee picnic

Institute employees gathered at the Carderock Recreation Area of the C&O Canal National Historic Park for the annual NIDDK picnic.

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Other highlights include: