Register for the upcoming DoD Patient Safety Program learning circle on Thursday, 16 June at 1:00 pm (EST)

Dear Patient Safety Champions:

The DoD Patient Safety Program team is excited to invite you to attend our upcoming learning circle on Thursday, 16 June at 1:00 pm (EST)! Attend this session and hear highlights and lessons learned from four of the 2015 Patient Safety award winners:

Each presentation is designed to provide you with valuable insight and information about the following winning initiatives: 

Presentation #1: "Reduce Opiate Use in Chronic Pain Patient" presented by Evans Army Community Hospital.

Presentation #2: "Implementation of a Rapid Response System - Evaluating the Effect on Rapid Response Activation and Code Rater" presented by Brooke Army Medical Center.

Presentation #3: "Pediatric Dosing Calculator" presented by San Antonio Military Medical Center.

Presentation #4: "Military Treatment Facility General Surgery NSQIP Colon Enhanced Recovery Proposal" presented by Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. 

Register today:

This is a great opportunity to hear from your peers and learn specifics about their success stories and their impact on patient care. Please join us!


The DoD Patient Safety Program team