Welcome to Patient Safety Awareness Week 2016!

Welcome to Patient Safety Awareness Week! The DoD Patient Safety Program, in partnership with the National Patient Safety Foundation, the Services and Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs), observes this important annual education and awareness campaign for health care safety March 13-19, 2016.

The theme for 2016 is “United for Patient Safety.” Everyone in the health care process plays a role in delivering safe care and by uniting together and sharing that common goal, we can make a difference in patient safety. From patients to care providers, from the front lines to the executive suite, from the patient and family advocate to the corporate solutions provider — we are all united in the goal of keeping patients and those who care for them free from harm. Today, as the MHS continues its journey towards high reliability care, efforts such as PSAW are of great importance to what we do and who we are.

For this reason, the DoD PSP will be hosting two webinars with one featuring a presentation from MHS leadership on the MHS Journey to High Reliability Healthcare, and a second from two of the 2015 Quality and Patient Safety Award winners. Do not miss out!

Tuesday, 15 March| 1:00–2:00 pm EST

Topic: The MHS Journey towards High Reliability Healthcare

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Wednesday, 16 March | 1:00–2:00 pm EST

Topic: 2015 Quality and Patient Safety Award Winners

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We also encourage attendance at the National Patient Safety Foundation’s PSAW webinar:

Thursday, 17 March | 12:00–4:00 pm EST

Topic: Patient Safety as a Public Health Issue

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Each day during PSAW, the DoD PSP with its partners will be sharing patient safety tips and other information to encourage patients and health care providers to improve their awareness and understanding of patient safety via GovDelivery and Facebook: (https://www.facebook.com/dodpatientsafety). Please stay tuned!

Have questions or comments about PSAW or the DoD Patient Safety Program? Email us at: patientsafety@dha.mil or visit our website at http://health.mil/dodpatientsafety