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e-News for Small Businesses May 25, 2011

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Issue Number:  2011-12

Inside This Issue

  1. New resources for retirement plan information
  2. June webinar: reporting foreign financial accounts
  3. Third party reporting
  4. Information for indoor tanning services
  5. New on the IRS Video Portal
  6. List of IRS sponsored surveys on
  7. Recent IRS announcements  

  1.  New resources for retirement plan information

The spring edition of Retirement News for Employers includes information on retirement plans for self-employed individuals and a new retirement resources page for small businesses. 

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  2.  June webinar: reporting foreign financial accounts

The free June 1 webinar, Reporting Foreign Financial Accounts on the FBAR, will cover who must file the Form TD F 90-22.1, which foreign accounts must be reported and which accounts are exempt, and the recently revised FBAR form and instructions.

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  3.  Third party reporting

Get updated information on the third party reporting legislation on the Third Party Reporting Information Center

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  4.  Information for indoor tanning services

The new Indoor Tanning Services Tax Center has the latest information on the tanning service excise tax.

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  5.  New on the IRS Video Portal

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  6.  List of IRS sponsored surveys on

Small businesses asked to participate in an IRS survey can check a new page listing customer satisfaction surveys to verify the legitimacy of the request.

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  7.  Recent IRS announcements
  • IR-2011-54, IRS Marks Small Business Week by Showcasing Tools, Resources; Spotlights Tax Benefits Available in 2011
  • IR-2011-53, Interest Rates Remain the Same for the Third Quarter of 2011

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