Notice CP 216E delays for Form 5500 extension approvals; Follow IRS on social media

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Employee Plans News February 17, 2021

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No Action Needed: Delayed Mailing of Notice CP 216F

Plan sponsors do not need to take further action if they are currently receiving Notice CP 216F, Approval of Extension to file Form 5500 Series Return, for calendar year 2019 Forms 5500 series returns, after the final return for 2019 has been submitted. Processing of the Form 5500 extensions was delayed in 2020. This resulted in a delay in mailing Notice CP 216F.  Typically, Notice CP 216F for calendar year 2019 Forms 5500 would have been mailed in the Summer/Fall 2020 before the final return was due. 

If you’re just receiving the Notice CP 216F, the request for the extension was timely received and the extension has been approved for filing the 2019 Form 5500. No further action is necessary.

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