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FATCA News & Information June 1, 2016

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Issue Number:  2016-5

Inside This Issue

  1. IRS Updates FATCA IDES Data Preparation Examples for Change to Encryption

1.  IRS Updates FATCA IDES Data Preparation Examples for Change to Encryption

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) plans to update the International Data Exchange Service (IDES) data preparation process to improve security. Beginning July 11, 2016, the IRS will change the cipher mode from Electronic Code Book (ECB) to Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) and IDES will no longer accept data packets encrypted with the ECB cipher mode.

The IRS released the data packaging code samples to help users update their systems to support the CBC cipher mode. The samples are available on GitHub and can be used as a step-by-step guide or modified to update your data packaging solution:

• IDES Data Preparation for Java 

• IDES Data Preparation for .NET 

• IDES Data Preparation for OpenSSL


IDES opens for testing on June 16-30, 2016 and the test environment will only support the CBC cipher mode. Data packets transmitted with the current ECB cipher mode will be rejected. It is important to note that packets received from the IRS, including Notifications, must also use the same CBC cipher mode and all other data packaging settings remain the same.

Other Resources

Please attend the next FATCA Global IT Forum hosted by the IRS.  Our technical experts will be available to answer your questions. For more information on FAQs, testing and sample files, visit the IDES Resources web pages.

Note: There are many open market tools that produce the same results. The IRS does not endorse any commercial products, including the frameworks used in the examples.  GitHub is an open source repository hosting service that allows users to share code and content. All discussions should use the collaboration feature available directly within GitHub. Please do not contact the IRS with questions related to GitHub or the information posted in the repository.

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