Inviting your community to join HUD's Strong Families Initiative

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Department of Housing and Urban Development



WASHINGTON, DC 20410-5000


May 7, 2018

Dear Executive Director,

Recently Secretary Carson released the following letter inviting public housing and multifamily communities to join HUD's Strong Families Initiative. Please consider joining and sharing this opportunity with your staff, community partners, and local leadership.

Many thanks,


Dominique Blom

Dear Affordable Housing Partner,

As a doctor, I know that the health of a community is measured by more than just the vital signs of its residents. At the Department of Housing and Urban Development, we recognize that access to safe, quality, affordable housing is the foundation for vibrant communities, which is why we are dedicated to supporting your efforts to provide resources that build strong and healthy families.

Since 2011, HUD has been proud to support local Father’s Day events across the country. This year, we are expanding our focus with the HUD Strong Families Initiative aimed at fathers, mothers, and children.

We know that many communities hold annual family programming, and we are excited to incorporate all of them in the HUD Strong Families Initiative. For communities that have hosted annual resource fairs focused on fathers, we encourage you to continue doing so by including programming and resources for mothers and children. For those who have not participated before, we hope you will host an inaugural event this year.

One of the greatest single determinants of a child’s future is the active and loving engagement of all parental figures, including fathers, mothers, step-parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, mentors, and others. Your participation in the HUD Strong Families Initiative is an important link to supporting the success of the next generation.

I invite you to join the 2018 HUD Strong Families Initiative with three easy steps:

  1. Register to host a HUD Strong Families Initiative event in your community this May or June 2018.
  2. Invite your community partners to offer resources for fathers, mothers, and children.
  3. Share your events and stories with us to spread the word about the HUD Strong Families Initiative!

On behalf of everyone at HUD, thank you for all that you do to support HUD-assisted households. Together, we can make the 2018 HUD Strong Families Initiative a success!

With gratitude,

SOHUD sign

Benjamin S. Carson, Sr.
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development