USDA FSIS Constituent Update: Special Alert - FSIS Adjusts Regulations Regarding Non-Human Food Production

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FSIS Adjusts Regulations Regarding Non-Human Food Production
FSIS announced a rule amending federal meat inspection regulations to enable FSIS-inspected establishments to allow pet food and other products not for human consumption to be prepared in an establishment outside the hours of operation when FSIS inspectors are not present.

FSIS Retail Deli Lm Pilot Project Update
On January 25, 2016, FSIS launched a multi-year, nationwide pilot project to assess whether retail delicatessens are using the recommendations in the document titled FSIS Best Practices Guidance for Controlling Lm in Retail Delicatessens.  Since January 2016, FSIS has assessed a total of 5,239 retail delis to determine the adoption rate of the recommendations. FSIS continues to track progress for this pilot project in its Fiscal Year 2019 Annual Plan and the FSIS Strategic Plan, FY 2017-2021.

FSIS Posts Individual Category Status and Aggregate Results for Poultry Carcasses, Chicken Parts, and Comminuted Poultry Tested for Salmonella
On August 20, 2019, FSIS will update the individual establishment Salmonella performance standard category information for raw poultry carcasses, raw chicken parts and comminuted poultry products at







The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is requesting comments on revised performance standards for Campylobacter in comminuted chicken and turkey products based on an analytical method change. FSIS will consider comments received on this notice before announcing the final standards in the Federal Register and assessing whether establishments are meeting the standards.