📝Commenting on Proposed Rules for Child Nutrition 📝

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Commenting on Proposed Rules

for Child Nutrition Programs

FNS wants to hear from you!

When a new regulation, also called a rule, is proposed, there is a specific window of time for public comment called the “open comment period.” During that time, you may submit your feedback on a proposed rule. You can comment individually, or with a group. You may submit comments online, or in writing by U.S. mail or courier.

Why should you comment?

Your opinion matters. Commenting is an important way to share your perspective. Your comments are valuable to FNS because they reflect your unique experiences and help FNS better understand how school meals work in your community. This helps FNS develop regulations that are effective and practical.

A group of diverse nutrition professionals with different thought bubbles.

FNS will read your comment.

FNS reviews all public comments received. The preamble (beginning section) of a final rule will provide a general explanation of the viewpoints expressed through public comment and the reasons for final decisions. All written comments are made publicly available at http://www.regulations.gov.  

How do you comment?

1. FNS currently has two Child Nutrition Program rules open for comment.  Use the links below or go to:


The two proposed rules are:

2. You can search for a specific rule using keywords, the Regulation Identifier Number (RIN), or the agency name.

3. Check the preamble of the proposed rule to find the comment submission deadline. (Comments for the Child Nutrition proposed rules must be submitted by March 23, 2020).

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4. To comment online, go to the Federal eRulemaking Portal and follow the instructions for submitting comments. Sometimes, the proposed rule has a comment icon on the left side that you can click and go straight to the comment page.


5. For more information on how to submit comments, click here