Fresh Foods, Fitness, and Summer Activities

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 May 23, 2017

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Fresh Foods, Fitness, and Summer Activities

It’s almost June and summer break will be here before we know it! Team Nutrition Summer Resources are designed to help kids and families have a healthy break and get excited about eating healthy and being active during the summer months. These ready-to-use resources can be used by schools and in community settings. All of the summer resources are available in English and Spanish.

Team Nutrition Summer Resources

Summer Food Summer Fun

Take a Healthy Summer Break Infographic
Help raise awareness about the four “healthy moves”  families can use to have a healthier summer break. 

This Summer, Eat Smart to Play Hard: A Parent’s Guide
Encourage families to work together to adopt healthier behaviors and to celebrate their wins with a healthy reward.  

Offering Healthy Summer Meals That Kids Enjoy
Improve the quality of meals served and make your summer meal program fun and healthy! This resource features simple tips, sample menus, a fun taste-test ballot, and a planning worksheet.

Summer Food, Summer Moves Kit
Implement over 30 games and educational activities at your summer meal site. Each kit includes:

  • Operator Guide with games, activities, and recipes (1 per kit)
  • Educational Posters (7 per kit)
  • Family Handouts (25 each of 6 handouts per kit, 150 total)
  • Activity Placemats (25 per kit)
  • Promotional Flyers (25 each of 6 handouts per kit, 150 total)

Team Nutrition Popular Event Spotlight!

Events Ideas Booklet

Fun, Food, and Fitness: A Family Party offers ideas on how to celebrate National Physical Fitness and Sports Month (May) with games, exercises, dancing, and nutritious foods. Find events ideas for the entire year in the Team Nutrition Popular Events Idea Booklet.

Seasonal Recipes

Did you know that May is National Month for Salads, Strawberries, and Asparagus! There is also a National Herb Week in May. These tasty recipes celebrate all the fresh produce that is now in-season.

Want to learn more about incorporating local, seasonal foods into your Summer Food Service Program? Check out the Farm to Summer resource page.

Fruity Fun Chicken Salad Cups

Ordering Information

Printed Team Nutrition materials are available, as supplies last, to schools, child care providers, summer meal sites, State agencies, and sponsors that participate in the USDA Child Nutrition programs via an online order form. All others are welcome to download materials from our website. To inquire about bulk orders, please send an email to

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