New Tool 🛠️ Helps Project the Future Cost of Offshore Wind Energy 💨

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Wind Energy Technologies Office


Apr. 17, 2023

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Deadlines Blowing In 💨

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Did You Know?

WETO works with partners to increase the performance and reliability of next-generation wind technologies while lowering the cost of wind energy.

Check out our website to learn how we support the continued evolution of wind energy technology.

R&D Feature

New Tool Is Driving FORCE Behind Projecting the Future Cost of Offshore Wind Energy

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The Forecasting Offshore Wind Reductions in Cost of Energy (FORCE) model combines past years’ wind energy project capital costs with global wind energy deployment forecasts to estimate the future cost of offshore wind energy. FORCE estimates that the average levelized cost of energy, or the lifetime cost of a power plant divided by its overall energy production, could decrease from $75/megawatt-hours (MWh) in 2021 to $53/MWh in 2035 for fixed-bottom offshore wind energy and from $207/MWh to $64/MWh in 2035 for floating offshore wind energy. 

Projections of future costs can inform investment decisions, national goals, and policies, such as the Biden-Harris administration’s goals to deploy 30 gigawatts of offshore wind energy by 2030 and 15 gigawatts of floating offshore wind by 2035. Targeted R&D investments, such as those supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), could bring these costs down even further.


DOE Launches Second Round of Clean Energy Innovator Fellowship Program

DOE launched the second round of the Clean Energy Innovator Fellowship, a workforce development program that matches recent graduates and new energy professionals to key energy organizations to support efforts to advance clean energy solutions, such as wind energy. Through this program, host institutions receive support to help them accelerate the transition to clean electricity and better take advantage of federal grid resilience and modernization funding opportunities.

DOE is now accepting applications for Host Institutions which are due on April 27, 2023. Applications for Innovator Fellows will open on May 22 and are due on June 8. 

Small Business Receives Additional Funding to Assess Atmospheric Conditions for Floating Offshore Wind

As part of DOE's Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs, WETO announced Phase III funding to Boulder Environmental Science and Technology (BEST) to develop a microwave radiometer, which is a device that can provide accurate assessments of atmospheric conditions where wind turbines will operate. BEST will specifically use this additional $600,000 award to develop a radiometer for efficient deployment on small marine platforms.

Newly Updated Fact Sheet on Federal Incentives, Funding, and Partnership Opportunities for U.S. Wind Is Available

WETO has updated its fact sheet that outlines federal incentives for developing and investing in wind power, now including new guidance from the U.S. Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service. This guidance covers the bonus under the Inflation Reduction Act for clean energy projects and facilities located in communities that have driven and historically been at the forefront of energy production.

Clean Energy Peer Learning Cohorts Open for Local Communities

Applications are now open for staff from local governments and related entities to learn from each other and DOE national lab experts over a six-month period as they work to deploy clean energy solutions, including wind energy. Interested communities should apply to one or more of these three cohorts by May 8:

  1. Planning and funding for electric vehicle charging infrastructure deployment.
  2. Implementing a municipal clean energy procurement strategy.
  3. Incorporating community voices in clean energy planning and deployment.

See the program website for details including eligibility.


Floating Offshore Wind Shot Workshop

Workshop: May 8, 2023, 9—11:30 a.m. PT, Sacramento, CA

Before the Pacific Offshore Wind Summit is kicked off, head over to the Natural Resources Building in Sacramento for an in-person workshop to discuss the Floating Offshore Wind Shot™ R&D and development priorities. Breakout sessions covering cost reduction; supply chain development, transmission; expanded, just and sustainable development; and co-generation will help inform prioritization and sequencing of Shot-related activities.  

This in-person workshop is part of a broader hybrid event sponsored by the California Energy Commission. The entire event is a free, public event but due to building capacity limitations we strongly urge you to RSVP in advance to attend in-person.

Pacific Offshore Wind Summit 2023

Conference: May 8–10, 2023, Sacramento, CA

The Pacific Offshore Wind Summit 2023 will explore how the U.S. West Coast states can stay on track to establish a sustainable floating wind industry and supply chain that will generate jobs and economic development for decades. Building on the Floating Offshore Wind Shot Workshop, DOE’s Jocelyn Brown-Saracino will provide an overview of the future of floating offshore wind in the United States, and the Floating Offshore Wind Shot and the many recent programs and resources that support it. Additionally, DOE’s Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm will be giving recorded remarks! Other notable speakers include the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s Director Liz Klein and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s principal engineer and offshore wind research lead Walt Musial—plus many more.

Collegiate Wind Competition 2023

Competition: May 15–19, 2023, Boulder, CO

Join the U.S. Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition 2023 final event, where multidisciplinary teams of college students will network with members of the wind industry, test their wind turbine prototypes, and present their wind turbine designs, wind energy project development plans, and outreach efforts to panels of experts.

CLEANPOWER 2023 Conference and Exhibition 

Conference: May 22–25, 2023, New Orleans, LA 

The American Clean Power Association’s annual conference will feature panels, presentations, workshops, and poster sessions on the renewable energy industry, including land-based wind energy, offshore wind energy, distributed wind energy, solar power, energy storage, and transmission. Be sure to stop by DOE’s booth, #1623, to discuss all the latest wind R&D with our team! Find more information on the event website.

Transmission and Interconnection Summit 2023

Conference: June 12–14, 2023, Arlington, VA

The Transmission & Interconnection Summit 2023 will bring together the leading policymakers, senior executives, and leading experts, including DOE’s Jian Fu who will kick off the conference, working to reimagine interconnection and transmission planning processes to meet the needs of the clean energy transition. 

American Floating Offshore Wind Technical Summit 2023

Conference: Sept. 26–27, 2023, Portland, ME, and Virtual

This 2-day conference brings together industry, academia, and government floating offshore wind experts from around the world to chart a course for domestic floating offshore wind energy. Whether in person or virtually, join this event to participate in discussions on the technical, regulatory, and permitting challenges that must be addressed to unlock floating offshore wind energy’s significant potential.

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