This Holiday Season, Be a Clean Energy Champion

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November 24, 2021

This Holiday Season, Be a Clean Energy Champion

As the year winds down and we prepare for long-overdue reunions with family and friends, I must admit I’m feeling a bit nervous after so many months of isolation. Like many of you, this will be my first relatively normal Thanksgiving in two years, and I’m out of practice when it comes to dinner-table banter.

I have, however, had plenty of practice extolling the merits of clean energy, energy efficiency, and economy-wide decarbonization during this past year. Shoehorning these topics into casual conversation can be a challenge (especially when it comes to dinner conversation with my mom), but it’s something I’m committed to mastering. This isn’t just because I love my job. Educating Americans about the extraordinary benefits they can expect from the clean-energy transition is a vital component of the Biden-Harris Administration’s fight against the climate crisis.

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