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June 2018   

Solar Decathlon National Student Competition

DOE is excited to announce the joining of its two student building design competitions, Solar Decathlon and Race to Zero, into one national Solar Decathlon competition.

The combined competition will feature two tracks. The first is a Design-only track (formerly Race to Zero) and the second is a Design/Build track. Each track challenges student teams to “push the envelope” and design the most high-performance, efficient, affordable, innovative buildings while leveraging opportunities to showcase student innovation and STEM education, and foster workforce development opportunities.

Teams will choose to participate in either the Design-only or the Design/Build track. Teams in both tracks will present their projects at a single expert-juried event in April 2019. The expert jury will select winners of the Design-only competition and separately select Design/Build teams to move on to the construction phase. Only teams that opted into the Design/Build track are eligible for selection into the build phase. Those teams will then build and showcase their designs at public and industry events in 2020.

We are excited to share this new approach to the Solar Decathlon in greater detail and receive your feedback on a DOE-hosted webinar for interested universities and other stakeholders, on June 26 at 1 p.m. EDT. If you’re interested in providing input outside the webinar, please send your comments to no later than July 3, 2018 so that we can consider them prior to finalizing the competition rules.

Please register at this link for the June 26 webinar. We look forward to your participation in the webinar – and the new Solar Decathlon.




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