Volpe News: Traffic Incident Management Summit, Implementing New Aviation Technology, and More

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Ray Lahood

DOT Senior Executives Convene to Address Traffic Incident Safety  

The need for improved traffic incident management is urgent. Each year, dozens of emergency responders, highway workers, and tow operators are killed while responding to traffic incidents; countless more are injured or experience near-miss situations...more


Divya Chandra

Implementing New Aviation Technology

In August, over 100 representatives from the airline industry and government gathered for the Air Transport Association's communications and navigation information exchange. Participants from across the U.S. and abroad engaged in topics ranging from the technical—for instance, the human factors considerations of data communications technologies...more

Amtrak seat fire test

Three Studies Provide Insights on Fires in Vehicles

Fires in vehicles can pose a significant threat to life and property. Fires may result from vehicle crashes or may ignite within engine compartments or wheel wells when mechanical systems fail. With its focus on safety, the U.S. Department of Transportation is interested in mitigating the risk to life and property from vehicle fires...more

Robert Johns

Big Data Analytics: Driving Value Beyond the Hype

We are currently experiencing an explosion of “big data.” Big data is “a collection of digital data sets so large and complex that it is beyond the capabilities of current database management tools,” said Robert C. Johns, associate administrator and director of Volpe, The National Transportation Systems Center...more

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Upcoming Event

Wednesday, November 14: You are invited to join us in person or via webinar for our next Transportation Trajectories conversation, “Better Means to Anticipate What May Go Wrong"  with Dr. Qi Van Eikema Hommes, Senior Electronics Engineer, Volpe’s Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies. Dr. Van Eikema Hommes will discuss the assessment of hazard analysis techniques for increasingly complex electronic control systems in highly-integrated transportation systems.