Available Now: Updated Compilation of NG911 Standards

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National 911 Program Releases Updated Compilation of Next Generation 911 Standards              

Today marks the release of the sixth edition of the Next Generation 911 Standards Identification and Review, a compilation of Next Generation 911 (NG911) standards by the National 911 Program

While the Program is not a standard-setting body, it collaborates with nearly 40 different standards development organizations (SDOs) to catalog and describe a wide variety of current or upcoming NG911-related standards. The report strives to help 911 industry stakeholders understand available standards, identify overlap between different standards, while also providing a gap analysis to identify areas where standards are lacking.

"The National 911 Program is tasked with coordinating and sharing information to support optimal 911 services nationwide," said Laurie Flaherty, National 911 Program coordinator. "This report collates the good work of the standards development organizations to provide the most current and complete picture of available standards that impact NG911 implementation."

With this document, 911 leaders have easy access to a robust list of standards that will support informed decisions for an effective and efficient transition to NG911. The report includes a "what's new" section that identifies standards added or updated in 2016.

In addition to identifying hundreds of NG911-related standards, it also provides insights on the different types of standards, information about how they are developed and accredited, and a description of why NG911 standards are necessary. The report also addresses categories where additional standard development is needed, including access and origination networks, call signaling, call routing, call logging, and geographic information systems (GIS) and other call attribute data.

The National 911 Program, which has published five previous editions of the report since 2011, remains committed to update the report annually. For more information about this report or the National 911 Program, please email Laurie Flaherty at laurie.flaherty@dot.gov or visit www.911.gov.