This Type of Intersection Can Help Save Lives

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Monthly News from the National Highway Institute | September 2018

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National Roundabouts Week Starts September 17th

Did you know roundabouts reduce the types of crashes where people are seriously hurt or killed by approximately 80 percent? In honor of National Roundabouts Week, we're calling on transportation professionals everywhere to get the knowledge they need to plan roundabout intersection projects in their areas. Learn more today about joining or hosting a session of Modern Roundabouts: Intersections Designed for Safety.

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Keep Your Community Safe During Emergencies

Principles of Evacuation Planning gives transportation professionals an introduction to evacuation planning topics, tools, trends, and considerations. This Web-based training reviews the roles and responsibilities of local, regional, and state agencies with special emphasis on the importance of collaboration and multi-agency/jurisdictional planning. Don't wait to plan for the unexpected.

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What's New in September

Check out NHI's newest courses. Remember, NHI relies on local agencies to hold Instructor-led Trainings throughout the country. A brand new training may not have sessions scheduled yet. You can sign up for alerts when new sessions are scheduled by visiting the course description page. To learn how to host an NHI course and to bring training directly to your organization, visit the NHI hosting page.

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Instructor Development Course (IDC)

Our revised 3.5-day IDC prepares you to deliver learner-centric instruction using pre-developed and designed instructional materials. It helps broaden your current knowledge, skills, and abilities to better meet the needs of an adult learner. Sign up for a session today, or register to host this training at your facility.

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Traffic Signal Timing Concepts

This updated two-day course builds technical expertise in signal timing through interactive exercises by incorporating an objective- and performance-driven approach. Check out the course description page for more information, sign up to host, or opt-in to session alerts for this training.

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Safety Data and Analysis Fundamentals Training

This course helps transportation professionals understand safety data and collection methods, including how to interpret safety data and use it to support key decision-making efforts. It includes an interactive curriculum with content based on your individual goals and the role you play in transportation safety. Choose your track and register for this Web-based Training today.

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NHI is always releasing new courses and updating our existing training based on the latest technologies, best practices and industry advancements. Learn more about the rest of our latest courses by visiting the NHI website.

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