OFCCP Introduces its Ombuds Service

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OFCCP Ombuds Service is Officially Available to Contractor Community

It is with great pleasure that OFCCP introduces you to its Ombuds Service. As the architect and director of the program, Ombudsman Marcus Stergio welcomes referrals from a wide array of stakeholders—including:

  • Federal contractors and subcontractors;
  • Current and potential employees of those contractors and subcontractors;
  • Industry groups;
  • Law firms;
  • Contractor representatives;
  • Worker rights organizations; and
  • Complainants.

Marcus delivers an additional layer of certainty, efficiency, recognition, and transparency while preserving the typical principles of ombuds work. To demonstrate how, an entire section of the OFCCP website is dedicated exclusively to the Ombuds Service. Here you will find information, including frequently asked questions and the Ombuds Service Protocol, which acts as a guide for the services to be provided—including the mission, purpose, standards of practice, and various functions of the program.

Marcus views the Ombuds Service as a place where compliance assistance meets conflict resolution, a combination aimed at enhancing communication, promoting collaboration, addressing concerns, and ultimately helping to achieve everyone’s goal of equal employment opportunity. OFCCP encourages you to reach out to initiate a working relationship, so please consider this an invitation to call or email him at your convenience. He has pledged to serve the entire OFCCP community and is eager to begin doing so.

Ombuds Website