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  • Updated List of Compliant Ballistic Resistant Body Armor - NIJ certifies torso-worn ballistic resistant body armor for law enforcement that complies with NIJ's Compliance Testing Program. Manufacturers of compliant armor can use the NIJ logo mark signifying its compliance with the NIJ standard. Law enforcement professionals, and all those who have a hand in purchasing ballistic resistant body armor, can easily access a complete list of compliant armor, and search by manufacturing company, opening, gender, threat levels, and other factors. | NIJ

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  • New Insights on the Radicalization and Deradicalization Processes - One recent NIJ-supported study has combined the perspectives of those who chose an extremist path with the unique insights of family and friends to gain knowledge of why people radicalize or exit extremism. Findings include the identification of common factors, preventions, and interventions at the individual, relational, institutional, and societal levels. | NIJ
  • Phoenix (Arizona) Police Department Crime Gun Intelligence Center - This is a collaborative law enforcement effort to collect, manage, and analyze crime gun evidence to identify serial shooters, disrupt criminal activity, and prevent future gun violence. The program is rated Promising. Posttest gun crime cases saw statistically significant increases in the likelihood of arrest, but no statistically significant difference in the likelihood of being charged or convicted, compared with cases in the pretest period. | NIJ
  • Trends in Youth Arrests for Violent Crimes - The estimated number of youth arrests for violent crime, which includes murder, robbery, and aggravated assault, has declined since the mid-2000s. | NIJ/OJJDP

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