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  • Chatbots in the Criminal Justice System -  The NIJ-supported Criminal Justice Testing and Evaluation Consortium has released a technology brief to help us better understand the use of chatbots in criminal justice. (Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate conversation with human users.) | NIJ
  • The Data-Driven Fight Against Gun Violence - Decades of data-driven research instructs that the criminal justice system must collaborate with other systems, such as urban planning, the public health system, and key community stakeholders contributing to the socioeconomic health of communities, in order to make a lasting impact on gun violence. A new article outlines several NIJ-funded studies of micro (focus on individuals) and macro-level (focus on systems) approaches to fighting gun violence with science. | NIJ
  • International Perspectives and Lessons Learned on Desistance - This new white paper explores how insights from desistance research have been used in the United Kingdom and, to a lesser extent, further afield. It discusses how desistance has been defined and operationalized, and reviews the main associates and correlates of desistance. | NIJ
  • What is Machine Learning? - NIJ’s December Term of the Month is “Machine Learning.” Get the research-based definition of #MachineLearning, and resources to learn about how it’s applied in criminal justice. | NIJ

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