National Institute of Corrections Library

07/24/2015 02:23 PM EDT

This presentation is a very good introduction for the impact of trauma on female offenders, and the need for justice-informed practices. It may be from Canada, but it speaks to all of the issues facing female trauma and incarceration in the United States. Topics discussed include: why trauma is an important issue; defining trauma; vicarious trauma; trauma-informed practices; voices of trauma—a call for help; triggers and trauma reactions; trauma-informed versus trauma-specific; where trauma-informed practices should be used; guidelines for trauma-informed practices in women's substance use services; trauma-informed vs. not trauma-informed; pathways to trauma-informed practices; and future directions. SOURCE: Downtown Toronto Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee (DT-HSJCC) (Toronto, Ontario). Authored by Matheson, Flora I.; Cuff, Robin.