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Two BLM employees holding wires with the words Happy Labor Day.

BLM Applegate Field Office Fence Removal.

ISSUE 1015 - September 2, 2022

Protect Yourself and Your Public Lands This Holiday Weekend

Two firefighters checking the ground for heat.

As you begin to pack for the #LaborDayWeekend, please have #WildfirePrevention on the checklist

There will be 1,000s of #FirefightingResources working on existing wildfires this weekend, and they don’t need additional fires that are preventable. Please help them out by remembering to #RecreateResponsibly this holiday weekend. (BLM Fire's Facebook)

A graphic that reads a guide on how to camp.

#RecreateResponsibly CAMPING Edition has launched

 Spending a night under the stars can be life-changing, and we change what's around us too! When we set up camp in a tent, cabin, RV, or other structure, we in essence become a temporary residence of our camping or glamping location–we become a part of that "ecosystem." (

Adult Plovers by Tony Kurtz.

Tips to protect wildlife this Labor Day

Labor Day is all about celebrating the efforts and accomplishments of workers across the country. For many, the day off work provides a needed opportunity to relax, spend time with friends and family, or get outdoors. If you choose to celebrate on one of California’s North Coast beaches, make sure you know about the hard work that threatened western snowy plovers are doing! (Redheaded Blackbelt)

A recreational vehicle drives through towering red rocks with a blue sky in Utah.

With visitation increasing across public lands, it's up to all of us minimize the impact on these beautiful outdoor spaces

We're seeing more people hitting the road and embracing the nomadic lifestyle in vans and other vehicles, as well as people just going out on road trips for a vacation. These travels most likely include scenic adventures and camping on public lands or outdoor spaces. (BLM Instagram)

Sun over a desert ridge.

It’s getting hot in here: How to stay safe in extreme heat

Summer is here and with it comes the occasional extreme heat streak. While some of the warmer weather comes with the summer territory, high record temperatures can lead to emergency situations. By following a few important steps, you can keep yourself, your loved ones, neighbors, and pets comfortable and safe during a heatwave. (Cal OES)

Learn More About Your Public Lands

Two boys holding 4th grade passes.

Have a 4th grader?

See America’s natural wonders and historic sites for free. In an effort to get #everykidoutdoors, 4th graders and their families get free access to hundreds of parks, lands, and waters for an entire year. (BLM CA Facebook)

A night sky photo.

Celebrate the joy of stargazing on your public lands!

#DYK that the first known photograph of a meteor was taken in 1885? That same year, exactly 137 years ago today, the history making and fantastical Andromedid meteor shower displayed a spectacular array of lights, shooting thousands of meteors per hour for those lucky enough to witness it, within the Andromeda constellation. (BLM CA Facebook)

A bush in the desert.

Celebrate #WildernessMonth this September

With 58 years of the passage of the Wilderness Act and preservation system, BLM California-managed public lands provide 155 diverse and stunning reasons to celebrate - that is 92 Wilderness Areas & 63 Wilderness Study Areas. Learn more on BLM’s management of wilderness areas. (BLM CA Facebook)

A sidewinder snake coiled in sand.

Wildlife in the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area

The sidewinder is a venomous rattlesnake common around the Dunes. It gets its name from its unique sideways form of locomotion. They're primarily nocturnal, preying on small lizards and rodents. Remember to observe all wildlife from a safe distance! (BLM CA ISDRA Facebook)

Headlines and Highlights

Tuttle Creek campground sign in front of mountains.

Camphost opportunity!!

Bishop Field Office is looking for camphosts at Tuttle Creek and Pleasant Valley Pit campgrounds! Come spend the winter in the spectacular eastern Sierra. Visit to learn more, or call 760-872-5000 for more information. (BLM CA Facebook)

A whale tale.

The Piedras Blancas Light Station held the last scheduled walk-in tour of the summer

A beautiful day at one of BLM California's six onshore units of the California Coastal National Monument, visitors delighted in seeing humpback whales passing by & the experience of immersing in the historic feel of the light station through a self-paced, docent supported tour. (BLM CA Facebook)

BLM Employees with a fire engine.

BLM donates fire engine to Standish-Litchfield Volunteer Fire Department

The Bureau of Land Management has transferred ownership of a wildland fire engine to the Standish-Litchfield Volunteer Fire Department, a small Lassen County department often called upon to assist the BLM with wildfires on public lands near small communities. (BLM CA News)

Fire and Fuels Management

Fire danger status sign.

Forest officials urge caution over Labor Day weekend

With the two small fires burning at Yosemite National Park sufficient to send smoke 100 miles north to Carson Valley, the last thing anyone needs is a major fire on either side of the Sierra. (The Record Courier)

Home steps on fire.

Helping seasoned wildland fire professionals train the next generation

Increasing home loss and growing risks require reevaluating the wildfire crisis as a home-ignition problem and not a wildland fire problem. A home’s building materials, design, and nearby landscaping influence its survival. Together with the location, arrangement, and placement of nearby homes, constructing a wildfire-resistant home is critical in light of rising wildfire risks. This report compares the cost of constructing a home to three different levels of wildfire resistance in California. (Wildfire Today)

Greater Sage Grouse

A project to improve sage-grouse habitat in Idaho is also reducing wildfire risk

The distinctive greater sage-grouse, with its spiked tail and memorable courtship display with male birds inflating their yellow neck sacs, is a ground-dwelling bird that lives in the sagebrush ecosystem in the western United States and portions of Canada. Its population is in decline due to habitat loss, and the greater sage-grouse is recognized as a sensitive species. (Partners in the Sage)

Current Fire Restrictions & Fire Information

Have you checked out BLM California's Wildfire Dashboard? At a glance you'll be able to get updates on large fires in California, view smoke impacts, check fire restrictions and find other helpful wildfire links. Bookmark it now!

Wildfire information dashboard.

BLM California fire restrictions or temporary public land closures are used to reduce the risk of wildfires and protect the public. Often times these preventative measures focus on human-related activities, such as campfires, off-road driving, equipment use and recreational target shooting, since human-related activities are the number one cause of a wildfires. View all current fire restrictions and fire orders on our interactive maps or the BLM Fire Restriction webpage.

Statewide year-round restrictions

Criteria to build a campfire, where allowed, outside of developed campgrounds:

  • maintain a five-foot diameter area cleared to bare soil and free of any overhead flammable materials in all directions around the campfire,
  • have on hand a functioning round-point shovel, with an overall length of at least 35 inches, that can be easily accessed within a reasonable amount of time in response to a fire ignition,
  • possess a valid California Campfire Permit, available free of charge at CAL FIRE's website.

Fireworks are not allowed on BLM-managed public lands.

Click here for additional District and Field Office fire restrictions


Question of the Week

*The pronghorn can sustain speeds of...

A pronghorn.

a) 20 mph
b) 55 mph
c) 120 mph


Scroll down for answer!










Careers on Your Public Lands

Sun and mist on the King Range.

Now hiring for BLM California

Bureau of Land Management California is looking to fill multiple jobs across the state. For all current vacancies, visit USAJOBS.

Featured Job: Telecommunications Specialist - GS-9/11, Permanent

Location: Susanville, CA
Pay: $54,727 - $86,074 per year
Position closes Sept. 5th - Apply today!

Here's a few more open positions:

Renewable Energy Program Coordinator - GS 13, Permanent

Telecommunications Specialist - GS 9- 11, Permanent

HR Specialist (Employee & Labor Relations) - GS 11- 12, Permanent

DOI & BLM National News

An orphan well.

Biden-Harris administration releases draft guidance on new tribal orphaned well program

Interior today released draft guidance to Tribes on how to apply for grant funding to clean up orphaned oil and gas well sites on Tribal lands. (DOI News Release)

A canyon.

A proclamation on National Wilderness Month, 2022

From the peaks of the Sierras to the rolling foothills of the Alleghenies, our Nation’s wilderness boasts national treasures that provide opportunities for discovery, wonder, and serenity.  They are also the current and ancestral homelands of Tribal Nations and Indigenous peoples, many of whom have deep cultural, historic, and spiritual connections to these places. (The White House)

Upcoming Events

A man planting a shrub along a trail.

National Public Lands Day events

September 24 is National Public Lands Day, but don't worry - events are planned throughout the fall! Check out the NEEF calendar to find an event in your area. And stay tuned as we announce Bureau of Land Management volunteer events over the next few weeks!

Question of the Week Answer

The correct answer is b) 55 mph.

Pronghorn speeding.

Pronghorns eat a lot of sagebrush, and they need the energy for the incredible quality they possess: speed. With long legs, light bodies, large windpipes and cushioned hooves, pronghorn can sustain speeds of 55 mph.

Source: DOI Twitter

Photo courtesy of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks