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A mountain hillside with yellow flowers.

Red Hills Recreation Management Area, Mother Lode Field Office

ISSUE 998 - May 6, 2022

Wildfire Preparedness Week

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day May 7, 2022

Community Preparedness Day - May 7

Wildfire Community Preparedness Day, a national campaign to encourage people and communities to take action to prepare and prevent wildfire risks is this Saturday, May 7! You have the power to protect the part of the community that means the most – keeping your loved ones and your home safe from a wildfire. Find ways to rally your family and community!

An illustration of a house on fire.

Harden your home

Many people think the work they do around their homes won’t matter in the face of a raging wildfire, when in fact it’s what matters most! Help firefighters help you! Create a survivable space. (NIFC Video)

For more tips on preparing your home for wildfire, visit the NFTA website.

An illustration of a phone screen with a map on it.

Check the smoke forecast on the go!

The California Smoke Spotter mobile app provides a comprehensive overview of the latest information on prescribed fires, projected smoke impacts, current air quality and educational material. This will help everyone plan their day’s activities and also determine if smoke is from a local prescribed fire. (CA Air Resources Board)

Spring Water Safety

Photo of the Kern River's white water rushing past banks of boulders along its shores with conifers in the background.

BLM reminds the public to recreate responsibly at Kern River recreation sites

The Bureau of Land Management Bakersfield Field Office is reminding the public to recreate responsibly as summer approaches and visitors start recreating at Keysville day-use areas and fishing, boating, swimming and other forms of water recreation in the Kern River. (BLM CA News Release)

People on a raft in a river.

May is Water Safety Month

Water is fun. but nature is not a force to be reckoned with. Knowing how to prepare, recognize conditions, and learning how to handle water safety scenarios on your public lands could save a life. Recreate Responsibly has put together great guidelines on how to safely recreate in, on and around water!

Plan and Prepare. Life jackets save lives.

Life jackets save lives

Know Before You Go! Check the weather forecast and water conditions before you head out. Cold water can be dangerous, even on warm days. Learning to swim is the #1 recommendation for water safety. When recreating with young children or in groups, designate a water watcher!

What's Happening on Your Public Lands

Someone looking through a monocular.

Early morning sage-grouse viewing

In the Bodie Hills, partners from the Bi-State collaborative and the Bishop Field Office convened with Tribal members and Tribal employees from four local Tribes to watch sage-grouse perform their mating dance on what is known as a lek. (BLM CA Facebook)

People in uniform lined up for a photo.

Visitor Center reopens!

Doors are back open at the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Visitor Center!! On Friday, March 11, 2022, the visitor center reopened to the public after being closed for nearly two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The visitor center is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (BLM CA Facebook)

Children throwing arrows in a desert.

Students get hands-on at Fish Slough

Bishop elementary students try their hands at using an atlatl at the yearly Fish Slough Hands on the Lands education event. During the course of the day, students also participated in classes covering geology, plants, and the endangered pupfish. (BLM CA Facebook)

Race cars lined up in the desert.

And they're off!

On April 23, the Barstow Field Office hosted McKenzie’s 250 race in the Johnson Valley Off Highway Vehicle Recreation Area, where cars and trucks raced six laps on a 39-mile course. The race was sponsored by the Mojave Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts (MORE). (BLM CA Facebook)

Headlines & Highlights

A man in uniform holding a post.

Public Service Recognition Week

This week we celebrate Public Service Recognition Week by honoring the hard work and dedication of Bureau of Land Management California employees! Their stewardship and passion for your public lands makes this organization a great place to work. (BLM CA Facebook)

A jazz trio playing and a logo of the BLM.

Navajo jazz trumpeter to perform at the King Range

Have you heard? The Bureau of Land Management has chosen a musician for its Artist In Residence – Navajo jazz trumpeter Delbert Anderson. This will be BLM’s first multi-city Artist in Residence tour. The tour will travel through six states, with a workshop and concert at the King Range National Conservation Area in July! (BLM Blog)

A green frog on a log.

Strategic plan for amphibian and reptile conservation released

Did you know that approximately 32% of the world’s amphibians have been categorized as vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered, and greater than 43% are in decline. Learn more about the Bureau of Land Management's plan for conservation of amphibians and reptiles.

Question of the Week

Finish this statement:    Salamanders _____

A black and yellow salamander.


A. have blood that is cold.

B. are ectotherms.

C. have ectoplasm.

D. van give you warts.

E. can hypnotize you with their eyes.


Photo: USGS

Careers on Your Public Lands

Firefighters standing in a line for a photo in front of fire.

Now Hiring for BLM California

Bureau of Land Management California is looking to fill multiple FIRE jobs across the state. For all BLM CA current vacancies, visit USAJOBS!

Assistant District Fire Management Officer, GS-12, Permanent

Lead Firefighter, GS-06 Career Seasonal 

Senior Firefighter, GS-05, Career Seasonal 

Assistant Helicopter Crew Supervisor, GS-08, Permanent

Fuels Crew Supervisor, GS-09, Permanent

DOI & BLM National News

Steven Cohn.

Veteran public land manager Steven Cohn named BLM Alaska State Director

As Bureau of Land Management's Alaska State Director, Cohn will be responsible for overseeing the management of 70 million surface acres and 220 million acres of Federal sub-surface mineral estate. (BLM News Release)

Large plume of smoke over a mountain.

As wildfire smoke increases, some populations are at greater risk

As we recognize National Air Quality Awareness Week, we explore why some populations are at greater risk than others from wildfire smoke emissions and how federal agencies are striving to close that gap. (DOI Blog)

Large purple spikey flowers on a hillside.

This Week at Interior - May 6, 2022

Secretary Haaland visits Detroit to highlight Interior's efforts to increase equitable public access to outdoor spaces; Deputy Secretary Beaudreau talks drought resilience, water management and infrastructure during a trip to Albuquerque. (DOI YouTube)

Question of the Week Answer

If you guessed B, you’d be correct. Salamanders are ectotherms.

Unlike humans, who generally maintain a constant internal body temperature, salamanders’ internal temperature is similar to that of their surrounding environment. They are sensitive to and respond strongly to changes in air and water temperature, precipitation, and the duration of time of standing water available to them within their habitats. While a common phrase associated to ectotherms is “cold-blooded” this term is not accurate as ectotherms’ blood isn’t cold. Ectotherm comes from the Greek term ektos (meaning outside) and thermos (meaning heat).

Sources: National Library of Medicine, U.S. Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center