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Yellow wildflowers in a field with a mountain in the background.

Skedaddle Wilderness Study Area, Eagle Lake Field Office

ISSUE 997 - 29, 2022

Volunteer Graphic.

As we wrap up National Volunteer Month, we want to share how very grateful we are for all of our wonderful volunteers every year. In 2021, we had volunteers who contributed more than 53,000 total hours. Volunteers helped to habitat restorations, tree plantings, trash clean-ups, and even graffiti removal. We couldn't do it without you! Thank you!!

To find out how to volunteer, call your local Bureau of Land Management field office or visit:

Celebrating Arbor Day

Looking up at tall redwood trees from below.

Happy Arbor Day from the BLM! 🌲

The Bureau of Land Management may not be the first place you think of for amazing trees, but BLM lands in California are home to some of the largest, tallest, and oldest species of trees in the world. (BLM CA Facebook)

Redwood Trees.

13 remarkable trees to see on public lands

The tradition of Arbor Day began in Nebraska in 1872. Raising awareness of the importance of trees, people continue to use the day to plant saplings and improve the health of forests. Trees help clean the air, provide habitat for wildlife, help conserve soil and water, and are the source of an entire industry that supports jobs and the economy. (DOI Blog)

Three trays of saplings.

Planting trees for fire restoration

The Barstow Field Office recently spent the day planting 32 Honey Mesquite Trees to celebrate Earth Day with our new partners – Backcountry Anglers and Hunters, to help with recovery efforts associated with the Willow Fire on the Amargosa River. (BLM CA Facebook)

Headlines & Highlights

A green hillside with purple flowers overlooking a river bend.

BLM seeks public input to develop Northwest California Integrated Resource Management Plan

The Bureau of Land Management is seeking public input as it develops the Northwest California Integrated Resource Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement for public lands managed by the Redding and Arcata field offices. This announcement opens a 60-day public comment period on the issues and proposed planning considerations. (BLM CA News Release)

Two men standing in a barn holding microphones.

MOU creates partnership to manage trails

The Needles Field Office entered a formal partnership with the Mojave Desert Heritage and Cultural Association to enhance management and increase awareness about the trails, regularly maintain roads and routes for recreation access, and monitor trail use. (BLM CA Facebook)

Horses in a pasture.

Checking in on Shangri-la

The BLM's goal is to find good homes for every wild horse or burro that is gathered from public lands. For animals that are not adopted, the BLM contracts with private landowners to provide wide open pastures where horses can live out the rest of their lives grazing, mingling and living under open skies with plenty of food and water. Some might call these large grassy pastures "Shangri-La" for horses! (BLM Blog)

A fire engine in the desert.

The BLM initiates seasonal fire and target shooting restrictions in the California Desert District

The Bureau of Land Management has elevated its seasonal fire restrictions effective May 2 for BLM California Desert District-managed public lands within Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Imperial, southern Inyo, eastern Mono, San Diego, and eastern Kern counties. (BLM CA News Release)

What's Happening on Your Public Lands

Kids around a tree in the snow.

Snow day in April?

Fresh snow greeted kids after a tram ride to the top of the more than 8,000-foot Mount San Jacinto State Park. Kids learned about responsible recreation and Leave No Trace principles from Bureau of Land Management and State Park Interpretive Specialists. (BLM CA Facebook)

A uniformed man and two kids giving a thumbs up, while the kids are wearing Smokey the Bear masks.

Fire safety education starts early

Fire personnel from the Bakersfield BLM Fire Program participated in the Spring 2022 Wildfire Preparedness Fair. This Frazier Park community event offered wildfire preparedness tips and gave kids the chance to see fire engine displays, crew vehicles and even a helicopter flyover demonstrating a water drop! (BLM CA Facebook)

Many people lined up for a photo outside.

Visitor Center gets spruced up!

Volunteers gave back to celebrate Earth Day at the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument Visitor Center. Twenty-eight volunteers worked with BLM staff to clean up trash, repaint trail posts, water new plants, trim overgrown vegetation and remove dead vegetation. (BLM CA Facebook)

The night sky with shooting stars.

Let photography light your imagination during International Dark Sky Week

Deep night and just off a trail, a photographer framed a landscape enrobed in gradients of darkness. Above, the inclined Milky Way’s stars, gas and dust directed attention to the galactic core, orts of incoming light looking fresh at 26,000 years old. (BLM Blog)

Question of the Week

Opossums are closely related to which of the following mammals?

A grey opossum.


A. Kangaroo

B. Rat

C. Koala 

D. Gerbil


Photo: USFWS

Careers on Your Public Lands

Fire engine.

Now Hiring for BLM California

Bureau of Land Management California is looking to fill multiple positions across the state. For all current vacancies, visit USAJOBS!

Featured Job: Engine Captain

Act quick! This position closes today so be sure to get your applications in by midnight!
Location: Doyle, Lee Vining, and Likely, CA
Salary: $44,740-$64,410/year
Grade: GS-7-8
Apply by: April 29, 2022

DOI & BLM National News

Transmission lines.

Biden-Harris Administration Advances Three Transmission Projects to Connect More Clean Energy to the Grid

The Biden-Harris administration through the Department of the Interior and the Bureau of Land Management today announced significant milestones on three transmission projects that will carry renewable energy across the West, underscoring President Biden’s commitment to accelerating the needed expansion and modernization of America’s power. (

Jason ONeal

The BLM Announces Jason O'Neal as Director of Law Enforcement Program

27-year law enforcement officer will oversee more than 250 rangers and special agents that promote safety, security, and environmental protection of public lands, public land users, and employees. (BLM News Release)

Silhouette of a firefighter against a wall of fire.

Dept. of Labor announces streamlined claims process for Federal firefighters with certain occupational illnesses

The U.S. Department of Labor issued a policy bulletin announcing changes by its Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs to assist federal firefighters with certain occupational illnesses by making it easier for claimants to file certain claims and improving transparency in how claims are processed. (DOL Website)

Smoke filled sky above a forest.

Pacific Northwest wildfires alter air pollution patterns across North America

Increasingly large and intense wildfires in the Pacific Northwest are altering the seasonal pattern of air pollution and causing a spike in unhealthy pollutants in August, new research finds. (UCAR News)

Question of the Week Answer

If you guessed A and C, you'd be correct! Kangaroo and Koala!

Two baby opossums on a tree log.

Commonly known as "possums", these critters are the only marsupial native to the United States. They are closely related to the Kangaroo and Koala. They are light gray in color and basically look like big rats. Opossums have five toes on each foot and a tail with no fur.

A female gives birth twice a year, 13 days after conception, to 5 to 8 babies that remain in her pouch until they’re able to walk around on their own by about 4 months of age. Baby opossums are so tiny at birth that 10 can fit in a teaspoon! The opossum’s long pink tail is prehensile, meaning it can be used as a fifth hand.