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Cosumnes River Preserve landscape of oaks and dry grasses framing a full moon at dusk_photo by Bob Wick of BLM

Cosumnes River, Mother Lode Field Office

ISSUE 960- July 23, 2021

So Much to Celebrate on Your Public Lands!


Celebrate Latino Conservation Week

Latino Conservation Week (July 17-25, 2021) provides an opportunity for Latino communities to come together and demonstrate their passion for our natural, cultural and recreational resources. This week is an opportunity for us to shine a spotlight on the contributions that the Latino community has made to conservation and stewardship across the Department. Here are a few ways you can celebrate Latino Conservation Week with us! (DOI Blog)

Landscape shot of Bodie Hills. Trees with stark white bark and view of full moon in the background. Photo by Bob Wick of BLM

Moon Madness

Celebrate the anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing with these extra-terrific photos! Neil Armstrong traveled 238,900 miles from Earth to take “one giant leap for mankind” when he became the first person to walk on the moon. You only need to take a handful of steps out your front door to access some of the most spectacular night sky views on one of America’s public lands. (DOI Blog)


A trail through a mountain landscape during sunset.

For the love of paths

According to a recent (very real 😉) poll, people overwhelming love paths. Give the people what they want. This inviting and colorful path is a section of the Pacific Crest Trail that runs through the @BLMNational's Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument. (DOI Twitter)

See also, Visitor Guide: Take a Hike! (Tehachapi News

Headlines & Highlights

Photo of the Ed Hastey Award placard

BLM California's Inaugural Ed Hastey Stewardship Award 

BLM CA has presented its inaugural Ed Hastey Stewardship Award to Outdoor Recreation Planner Stan Bales and Bishop Field Office Manager Steve Nelson. The award recognizes employees who embody the spirit of California’s legendary former state director through exemplary efforts managing public lands and building partnerships that will ensure sustainability and public benefit for generations to come. (BLM CA Facebook)

View of Alabama Hills with trail winding towards rocky features and pickup with tent in foreground. Photo_The Dyrt

Alabama Hills makes the list of the top 10 best U.S. campgrounds of 2021

The Dyrt, a popular camping app, has compiled a list of the top 10 best U.S. campgrounds of 2021. The list shows that the Alabama Hills is the only campground in California that made The Dyrt's top 10. With more than 1.5 million reviews and tips for more than 45,000 campgrounds, The Dyrt crunched the numbers using a combination of ratings, number of ratings and the quality, length and character of reviews to arrive at the top 10 list. (Inyo Register)

Golden grass and trees are in the foreground; cloudy hills are in the background_Photo by Bob Wick_BLM

Fort Ord trail run, July 24

Watch for runners this Saturday (July 24) on the Monumental trails of Fort Ord. Runners will be hitting popular single-track trails like Trail 50 and Trail 49 from 0800-1200. (Twitter)

Fire & Fuels Management

Smoke jumper descending in parachute_BLM Fire


BLM is a leader in the nation’s management of wildland fire, safely protecting the public, natural landscapes, wildlife habitat & recreational areas. BLM National is hiring a Smokejumper-Loft Specialist for the Great Basin Smokejumpers at the @NIFC_Fire. Announcement closes on August 2. (BLM Fire Twitter)  Also, episode eight of #NotYourOrdinaryJob is now live! (Listen here

Photo from the Harris Fire in Montana by Austin Caitlin_ BLM Idaho Fire

#FireFightingResources come in all shapes and sizes!

Dozers are specially designed, heavy construction equipment that have been adapted to wildland firefighting applications. They vary in size and maneuverability. Small dozers are effective in building fireline in light fuels on level to moderate terrain. They perform best in soil with few rocks, and in wet soil conditions, especially when equipped with wide tracks. They also can be very useful in mopup operations. (BLM Fire Facebook)

Firefighter cutting downed wood in a stand of trees with fire in the background_BLM


Currently, 70 wildfires have burned 1,061,516 acres across the United States. More than 17,700 wildland firefighters and support personnel and 32 Type 1 and Type 2 incident management teams are assigned to wildfires. Going camping this weekend?Make sure your campfire is dead out before you go to sleep! Campfires should be cold to the touch. If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave. Now more than ever, we need you to #RecreateResponsibly.(BLM Facebook)

The Cosumnes River Preserve:  Large Valley Oak tree at sunset. Photo by Bob Wick, BLM.

BLM California fire restrictions

BLM California fire restrictions or temporary public land closures reduce the risk of wildfires and protect the public. Often times, these preventative measures focus on human-related activities, such as campfires, off-road driving, equipment use and recreational target shooting, since human-related activities are the number one cause of a wildfires. Many BLM California offices have issued seasonal fire restrictions. (BLM CA Web)

Question of the Week

Horned lizard, blending into its surrounding_Photo by BLM

True or False - All horned lizards in California squirt blood out of their eyes when they feel threatened. 


Keep scrolling to find out!

DOI & BLM National News

Landscape view of Sabinoso Wilderness New Mexico. Photo by BLM

Secretary Haaland celebrates expansion of Sabinoso Wilderness, advancing effort to conserve and restore public lands

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland today announced that the Department of the Interior has accepted a land donation that will increase the Sabinoso Wilderness by nearly 50 percent — the largest wilderness land donation in the agency’s history. The expansion reflects the Department’s commitment to the “America the Beautiful” initiative, a locally led and voluntary, nationwide effort to conserve, connect, and restore 30 percent of lands, waters, and wildlife by 2030. (DOI News Release)

Craters, cinder coves, lava tubes, deep cracks, and vast lava fields form a strangely beautiful volcanic sea on central Idaho’s Snake River Plain.

On July 20, 1971, National Moon Day was proclaimed to honor the anniversary of man's first moon landing

In commemoration, the GLO Record of the Week headed to Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve. The monument is located in southern Idaho between Boise and Pocatello. Known for its strange and unearthly landscape of lava and sagebrush, it draws visitors from near and far. (BLM Story Map

Landscape view of Short Canyon's rugged terrain in the Ridgecrest Field Office by Kirsten Carroll of BLM

Drought relief efforts to address urgency of western water crisis the focus of Secretary Haaland’s visit to Denver 

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland was in Denver, Colorado, to discuss the worsening drought conditions in the West and highlight the DOI's efforts to support farmers, Tribes, and communities impacted by ongoing water shortages. “Drought doesn’t just impact one community — it affects all of us, from farmers and ranchers to city dwellers and Tribes,” said Secretary Haaland. (DOI News Release

Secretary Haaland cuts ribbon at the Sabinoso land donation event_DOI

This Week at Interior July 23, 2021

Secretary Haaland accepts the largest land donation in Interior's history; Interior announces advancement on two solar energy projects that will bring more power and jobs to Indian Country; Interior is celebrating Latino Conservation Week, July 17-25, and more. (DOI Video

Question of the Week Answer

Answer: False

Horned lizards, of the genus Phrynosoma (from the Greek: toad-body) are also known as “horned toads” or “horny toads” due to their round, flat body shape, spiny scales, and bony horns encircling the head. Horned lizards have many unique traits. Of the 22 species in the genus Phrynosoma, 4 occur in CA and, only P. blainvillii is known to exhibit the blood-squirting defense mechanism, so keep that in mind the next time you reach for a horned lizard.  Source: CDFW

Wildlife biologist CJ Chase holding a horned lizard_photo by BLM

"I was out on a Range-land Health Assessment (RHA) with our range team, and archaeologist. During RHAs I inventory, observe and monitor all of the biological resources and habitat types within the area we are assessing. This little guy was found near a spring site. He was running down the trail I was hiking on, trying to avoid some ravens. So as a pointer, always look before you step. He blends in so well you can hardly see him." - BLM CA wildlife biologist CJ Chase on collecting data for the horned lizard and other amazing animals in the Kiavah Wilderness Area near Cane Canyon (BLM Facebook)