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Rainbow Basin (West) outstanding view of geological features across a stunning landscape of rugged rock terrain_by Jesse Pluim BLM

Rainbow Basin, Barstow Field Office

ISSUE 959- July 16, 2021

BLM Celebrates 75 years!

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The Bureau of Land Management was established on July 16, 1946, and was formed as a merger between two agencies; the Grazing Service, and the General Land Office. So, how did we get here? (BLM Story Map

Person looking out into the sunset on a landscape view of hills in the distance and clouds above.

Test Your Knowledge About the BLM

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), an agency within the Interior Department, oversees 246 million acres of American landscapes, a wide variety of spaces intended for the use and enjoyment of all Americans. The BLM, which turns 75 this month, therefore plays a major role in the way our country’s lands are governed. Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge of the agency and the places it manages. (PEW Charitable Trusts Quiz

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Public Land Heritage: A timeline of the BLM

The challenge of managing public lands started as soon as America
established its independence and began acquiring additional lands.
Over time, values and attitudes regarding public lands shifted. Many significant laws and events led to the establishment of the BLM and
laid the foundation for its mission to sustain the health, diversity, and
productivity of America’s public lands for the use and enjoyment of
present and future generations. (BLM Timeline)

Landscape photo of hills and boulders

BLM celebrates 75 years by inviting everyone to reimagine your public lands

For over seven decades, the BLM has led the way in public land management. In 1946, President Truman merged the General Land Office and the Grazing Service to create the BLM. Today, the BLM proudly manages about 245 million acres of public landscapes for all Americans. (BLM Web

Landscape view of King Range, a spectacular meeting of land and sea by Bob Wick BLM

For 75 years, the BLM has served as the nation’s largest public lands steward

Its multiple-use mission – encompassing conservation, recreation and commercial uses – is complex and honorable. Developing a national land and sea ethic based on Native American values and through honoring our commitment to our Tribal partners is vital in ensuring all land management decisions are made to benefit all Americans. “Stewards must have a clear set of core values based on a widespread consensus that guides the way we look at the land and the ocean as a society.” – Walter Echo-Hawk (A National Land & Sea Ethic Video

Headlines & Highlights

Photo of three AmeriCorps members walking on trail in the Berryessa Snow National Monument with lush green grasses and oaks.

BLM welcomes public comment on trails and travel management for Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument

The BLM Ukiah Field Office invites public comment on travel management planning for trails and roads within the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument on BLM-managed public lands. BLM will host a virtual public meeting, via Zoom, on Wednesday, July 21, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., part of a 30-day public scoping period, which ends Aug. 16. (BLM CA News Release)

A river winding through a mountains landscape.

Top River Trips on America’s Public Waters

With approximately 3.6 million miles of streams — including 13,413 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers — the United States has some incredible stretches of water. They’re the perfect place for a quiet float trip, a heart-pumping whitewater adventure or the chance to catch a big one. Check out the DOI's blog featuring the North Fork of the American River, as one of the best river trips on America’s public waters to get you started in your search for the perfect adventure. (DOI Blog)

Mojave Land Trust conservation lands graphic: 101,327 acres conserved

Mojave Desert Land Trust announces  conservation milestone for California desert

Over 100,000 acres of significant lands have been preserved since 2006! MDLT began as group of concerned citizens intent on preserving the otherworldly beauty and vistas, dark night skies, and fragile ecosystem of the Mojave Desert. Learn about these conservation wins by taking a trip through the 100,000 acres in their special interactive storymap. (BLM CA Facebook)

Fire & Fuels Management

NIFC photo with fire in the background, pines in foreground


The National Multi-Agency Coordinating Group, or NMAC, has elevated the National preparedness Level to 5 (PL 5), due to significant fire activity occurring in multiple geographical areas, an increase in incident management team mobilization, and heavy shared resources commitment to large fires nationally. (BLM CA Facebook)

Olancha Fire Station Sign

BLM California fire program has many fire stations throughout the state and invites you to check out this spotlight on the Olancha Fire Station

The fire station is located along Highway 395 at the base of the eastern slopes of the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains in California's Owens Valley. Olancha is in InyoCounty Cali with a population of fewer than 200 people. Olancha was founded in 1860 when silver was discovered in the Coso Mountains. (BLM CA Facebook)

Home Ignition Zone Graphic showing house at center and flames on either side away from the house marked by zone lines

Your Home Can Survive a Wildfire

Dr. Jack Cohen, a highly respected expert on wildfire behavior and fire science research, explains how fireproofing your home can help protect it from wildfire. A high intensity flame from a wildfire is less likely to ignite the home than “fire brands”—the hot embers that are spit from the intense flames and then deposited on flammable materials on or surrounding the home. That’s why it’s recommended you use landscaping as one of the defensive methods against wildfire. (NFPA Youtube)

Landscape of Panoche Hills, rolling hills. Photo by Jesse Pluim, BLM

BLM California Fire Restrictions

BLM California fire restrictions or temporary public land closures reduce the risk of wildfires and protect the public. Often times, these preventative measures focus on human-related activities, such as campfires, off-road driving, equipment use and recreational target shooting, since human-related activities are the number one cause of a wildfires. Many BLM California offices have issued seasonal fire restrictions. (BLM CA Web)

Question of the Week

Trail cam photo capturing mama bear and two cubs in background that appear to be kissing in the forest.

True or False - California has three species of bears. 


Keep scrolling to find out!

DOI & BLM National News

Flowers with the Sand to Snow National Monument' mountain landscape in the background

Interior Announces Consultations to Discuss Updates to Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act

The Department of the Interior today announced it will conduct consultations with Tribal and Native Hawaiian community leaders as part of an ongoing review to update Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) regulations. (DOI News Release)

Landscape view of Short Canyon's rugged terrain in the Ridgecrest Field Office by Kirsten Carroll of BLM

Interior Department Welcomes Additional Biden-Harris Appointees 

The Department of the Interior announced key appointments to the agency leadership team who will work to create jobs in the clean energy economy, steward America’s public lands and waters, and honor our nation-to-nation relationship with Tribes. (DOI News Release

Beautiful blue sky painted with clouds, view of ocean meeting sea side cliffs and lighthouse in the background

This Week at Interior July 16, 2021

Secretary Haaland takes part in a solemn ceremony to return the Native children who died at the Carlisle Indian School; the Secretary and National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy tour abandoned mine lands in central Pennsylvania, highlighting the Administration's effort to fight pollution, create jobs, and advance environmental justice; it's happy 75th birthday to BLM; and we spotlight an iconic lighthouse in our social media Picture of the Week! (DOI Video

Question of the Week Answer

Answer: False

The only species of bears in California today are black bears. However, they range in color from blonde to black, with cinnamon brown being the most common color. Also, two other bears that once inhabited California include the extinct California grizzly bear and the prehistoric short-faced bear. 

BLM-managed public lands truly are wild and you never know what you'll run into on the trail! Our trail camera along the South Fork of the Mokelumne River in Calaveras County captured the black bear sow and her two cubs playing (photo above). Be sure to watch out for bears, mountain lions and rattlesnakes when visiting public lands managed by the Mother Lode Field Office. Keep a safe distance and ensure you Leave No Trace. (BLM Facebook)

Check out the California Department of Fish & Wildlife's  Campers Guide to being Bear Aware

Source: BLM and CDFW