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A motorcycle on a dirt road in front of a mountain range.

Alabama Hills National Scenic Area, Bishop Field Office

ISSUE 946- April 16, 2021

Recreation & Public Access

Cars parked on a dirt road.

Don't crush the brush!

With visitation to the Alabama Hills up 40%, consider coming early in the day or mid-week. If parking areas are full, please find a nearby pull-off instead of parking or driving on the brush. The brush can take decades to restore if it is damaged. It’s best to park in parking areas or pullouts, not along the side of the road as it blocks access. (BLM CA Facebook)

A motorcycle parked on top of a mountain.

Looking to enjoy the outdoor on two wheels?

Even though some recreation sites continue to be busy, if you visit at the right time you can enjoy a scenic, solitary motorcycle ride. Do your research before you leave and visit locations mid-week if possible. Thanks for staying on designated roads and trails! (Recreate Responsibly Tips)

Two hikers on a trail through a grassy field.

Trails and Travel Management planning workshop April 21st 

REMINDER: Virtual workshop for the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument Trails and Travel Management Planning will be held next Wednesday, April 21st from 5:30-8:00pm. The workshop will help build a database of existing trails and routes within the monument and more. (BLM CA News Release)

Headlines & Highlights

BLM logo

BLM seeks public comment on reservoir and transmission pipeline

The Bureau of Land Management Barstow Field Office is seeking public comment on the environmental assessment for the issuance of a right-of-way to Golden State Water Company in San Bernardino County. The 30-day public comment period will close on May 17, 2021. (BLM CA News Release)

A blunt-nosed leopard lizard on someone's hand.

Rewilding the San Joaquin Valley

Working with many partners, and most closely with the Bureau of Land Management and California Department of Fish and Wildlife, The Nature Conservancy's initial investments in acquisition grew to what is now the 250,000+ acre Carrizo Plain National Monument. The Monument is surrounded by more than 100,000+ acres of additional conservation land owned by other public and private entities. (CA Conservation Science)

Mineral and Land Records System

Introducing the online Mineral & Land Records System (MLRS)

A new online interactive system is live! Manage your existing mining claims, conduct research, and file new claims online. Watch this quick video to get started. (BLM MLRS Website)

Question of the Week - Wildlife

A small grey rabbit under a bush.

True or False:

Pygmy rabbits are one of only two rabbit species that dig their own burrows in North America.

A. True
B. False


Keep scrolling to find out!

Photo courtesy of USFWS

DOI & BLM National News

A desert landscape sunset.

Secretary Haaland establishes Climate Task Force, strengthens scientific integrity

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland today issued two Secretarial Orders to prioritize action on climate change throughout the department and to restore transparency and integrity in the Department’s decision-making processes. (DOI News Release)

The White House

White House announces several nominations to Interior leadership

The White House today announced the intent to nominate several officials to serve at the Department of the Interior, including Tommy Beaudreau as the Deputy Secretary. The nominations will now be considered by the U.S. Senate. (DOI News Release)

DOI official seal.

Statement by Secretary Haaland on the President’s FY22 discretionary funding 

The Biden-Harris Administration today submitted to Congress the President’s priorities for fiscal year 2022 discretionary spending. (DOI News Release)

This week at Interior, April 16.

A new order from Secretary Haaland establishes a Climate Change Task Force; USGS and NASA team up for a new look at Earth; the National Park Service takes over the memorial to the "war to end all wars"; Interior celebrates World Art Day, , and a newborn baby bison stands up for the first time in our social media Picture of the Week! (DOI Video)

Question of the Week Answer

If you chose A. you are correct! True!

The Pygmy rabbit (Brachylagus idahoensis) can be found on BLM California public lands managed by the Bishop and Eagle Lake Field Offices and throughout parts of Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington. The Pygmy rabbit is the smallest species of rabbit in North America and is one of only two to dig their own burrows. Research has shown that some Pygmy rabbits never go beyond 60 feet of their burrows. However, if they have abundant sagebrush cover, they are likely to be more adventurous. While they can be active at any time, they prefer dusk and dawn while taking it easy midday. In the winter, they expand their network of burrows with snow tunnels to find food, choosing to travel by tunnel and their extensive burrow network to forage on sagebrush.

Source: USFWS