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A lake with mountains in the background.

Eagle Lake Basin, Eagle Lake Field Office

ISSUE 909- July 2, 2020

  • Recreation and Public Access
  • Headlines & Highlights
  • Wildland Fire & Fuels Management 
  • BLM & DOI Highlights
  • Wildlife Question of the Week
  • Upcoming Events

Recreation and Public Access

An info graphic about recreating responsibly


No matter what you like to do outdoors, we are all united by the ❤️ we have to our parks, trails, rivers, and shores. The importance of #RecreateResponsibly will continue beyond the pandemic. We have a shared responsibility to take care of each other and to take care of these places so that future generations can also enjoy them. (BLM CA Facebook)

Heavy equipment cleaning a pond.

Bend area Bass Pond improved Thursday, to be restocked

Improvements began Thursday to make Bass Pond in the Bend area a better experience for young anglers. Work being done will lead to a restocking of the pond’s fish in mid-July. As part of the project, the Bureau of Land Management, which oversees the pond in the Sacramento River Bend Area, is going to rebuild the fishing platform and will begin refilling the pond in the middle of July. (Red Bluff Daily News)

A rainbow over a lake.

America, mile by mile: Cross-country trip reveals country’s beauty, diversity

Back when the trip was a new idea, I don’t think either of us took it seriously. Three weeks on the road, at a time when most American cars were sitting idle in the driveway? Thousands of miles of driving through sand and snow, mountain and desert, far from home? Surely this was just a pie-in-the-sky dream borne from the hunger pangs of quarantine, nothing more. (Smoky Mountain News)

Fireworks prohibited on public lands.

Fireworks prohibited on public lands

We all want to celebrate this holiday weekend, just remember fireworks are prohibited on BLM-managed public lands! It is not worth risking the lives of other citizens or firefighters who protect us. Please stay safe this Fourth of July! 🇺🇸#OneLessSpark #RecreateResponsibly (BLM CA Facebook)

A video still of a trailer being examined.

Heading out on the water this #FourthOfJuly weekend? Be sure your trailer is road-worthy!

🚤 It's a perfect time to do a quick check of your trailers road-worthiness and to make sure you don't accidentally cause a wildfire! #RecreateResponsibly this #FourthofJuly weekend! 🌞 (BLM CA Facebook)

An info graphic with hiker and information about staying hydrated.

Stay hydrated, stay alive

It's certainly hot out there! 🕶☀️Stay hydrated by keeping water available for activities like hiking, backpacking and mountain biking - a hydration backpack is an excellent option. If you prefer to use a bottle, stash it somewhere accessible. For running, consider a handheld running bottle, a waist belt or a hydration vest. (BLM Facebook)

An info-graphic about recreating outdoors during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Practice social distancing outdoors

Outdoor activities can provide many health benefits when practiced safely. We recommend visiting areas close to home while avoiding very popular or crowded locations where social distancing may be difficult and limiting group activities to members of your household. Do your part when visiting public lands. (BLM CA Website)

Headline & Highlights

Cahuilla Station

BLM seeks public input on new Cahuilla Ranger Station

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) El Centro Field Office is seeking public input on the proposed replacement of the Cahuilla Ranger Station located at 4500 Gecko Road, Brawley in Imperial County. The new facility would better serve the needs of the public as well as BLM emergency medical staff, law enforcement, and park rangers. (BLM CA news release)

A photo of the so called Old Woman meteorite.


Look to the skies! It’s #NationalMeteorWatchDay and we want to highlight the second largest meteorite found in the United States, named the “Old Woman Meteorite”, which weighed 6,700 pounds when it was discovered in 1975. This rare find is 38" long, 30" wide and 34" high and is mostly composed of iron, although it contains about 6% nickel and has trace amounts of cobalt, phosphorus, chromium and sulphur. (BLM Facebook)

William Perry Pendley

Secretary Bernhardt Applauds the President's Intent to Nominate William Perry Pendley to be the Director of the Bureau of Land Management

President Donald J. Trump announced the nomination of William Perry Pendley to be the Director of the Bureau of Land Management at the U.S. Department of the Interior. U.S. Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt applauded the nomination. (BLM news release)

A photo of a desert rock canyon.

Interior Distributes More Than $514 Million to Communities, Supports Critical Local Services

U.S. Secretary of the Interior David L. Bernhardt announced today that more than 1,900 local governments around the country will receive $514.7 million in Payments in Lieu of Taxes funding for 2020. California counties to receive more than $54 million. (DOI news release)

Wildland Fire & Fuels Management

Info graphic that reads current fire restrictions.

ICYMI: The BLM California state-wide Fire Prevention Order remains in effect

Under this order, the public is required to follow these criteria before building, attending, maintaining, or using a campfire, charcoal, coal, or wood stove, outside of a developed campground:

✅ maintain a five-foot diameter area cleared to bare soil and free of any overhead flammable materials in all directions around the campfire,
✅ have on hand a functioning round-point shovel, with an overall length of at least 35 inches, that can be easily accessed within a reasonable amount of time in response to a fire ignition,
✅ possess a valid California Campfire Permit, available free of charge. You can obtain one here. (BLM CA Facebook)

A BLM fire engine and firefighters.

Fireworks of any kind are prohibited on BLM public lands in Southern California

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) California Desert District is reminding the public that the use of all fireworks including “safe and sane” are prohibited year-round on all BLM-managed public lands throughout southern California. Restrictions also include the use of floating sky lanterns, fire balloons or acetylene balloons. (BLM CA news release)

A graphic that reads Campfire safety

Campfire safety tips

With the 4th of July weekend 🇺🇸right around the corner and many public land visitors heading outside for #GreatOutdoorsMonth, the Bureau of Land Management would like to remind you to #RecreateResponsibly and always make sure your camp fire is dead out before you leave your camp site. (BLM CA Facebook)

Plane dropping fire retardant.

Palm Springs fire on Tramway Road fully contained after burning nearly 16 acres

A vegetation fire on Tramway Road was contained Tuesday morning to 15.8 acres after it burned since Monday and left two firefighters injured, according to Palm Springs Fire Department Captain Nathan Gunkel. (Desert Sun)

BLM Logo

BLM California fire restrictions

BLM-CA has issued season fire restrictions due to increased wildland fire danger in the state. Full list below:

BLM CA issues statewide Fire Prevention Order
BLM Bakersfield Field Office issues seasonal fire restrictions.
BLM Bishop Field Office issues seasonal fire restrictions
BLM Central Coast Field Office issues seasonal fire restrictions
BLM Mother Lode Field Office initiates seasonal fire restrictions
BLM initiates seasonal fire and target shooting restrictions in the California Desert District
BLM initiates Whitewater Canyon closure due to increased wildfire risk
BLM Ukiah Field Office initiates seasonal fire restrictions
BLM announces seasonal fire restrictions for public lands managed by Redding Field Office
BLM announces seasonal fire restrictions for public lands managed by Arcata Field Office

U.S. Map with wildfire outlook.

Wildland fire outlook

Check out the latest #WildlandFireOutlook! Available here. (NIFC Facebook)

BLM & DOI Highlights

Military jet planes performing a flyover above Mount Rushmore.

Happy Independence Day from Interior!

This Fourth of July marks the 244th anniversary of our Nation’s independence. Our Department is the steward of many of America’s most-cherished public lands and icons that are central to the founding of our nation, identity, history, and culture. It is our hope that, wherever you may be spending the holiday, you take a moment to think about our public lands and landmarks and what they mean to us as Americans – and be sure to follow all public health guidelines when celebrating. We wish you and yours a safe and happy Independence Day! (DOI video)

BLM firefighters walking or a dirt road next to a prescribed burn.

No one goes it alone

This week, the interagency wildland fire community is focusing on a Week of Remembrance, a week dedicated to all of those who have fallen in the line of duty. During this week, we underscore our commitment to the health, wellness and safety of our wildland firefighters. (DOI Office of Wildland Fire)

A photo of the blue angels squadron flying in formation.

Interior Presents the 2020 Independence Day Celebration in the Nation's Capital

The U.S. Department of the Interior and National Park Service announced additional details about the Independence Day celebrations on the National Mall, which will include multiple flight demonstrations from different branches of our military, in particular the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, and a monumental firework display. (DOI news release)

A hiker in an old grove forest.

This Week at Interior June 26, 2020

Secretary Bernhardt requests additional federal resources from the Department of Defense after vandals attack national memorials and monuments; President Trump directs Secretary Bernhardt to designate Tulsa's John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park as part of the African American Civil Rights Network. (DOI video)

A info graphic describing different minerals.

ICYMI: Critical Minerals: Securing America’s Future

One year ago, the Trump Administration released a strategic plan through the Departments of Commerce and the Interior designed to ensure the nation has a secure and reliable supply of critical minerals necessary for our economic and national security. (BLM news release)

Wildlife Question of the Week

A gray fox.

Multiple choices

What is the only canid species in North America that is arboreal, able to climb trees with its semi-retractable sharp claws?

a) Coyote
b) Gray wolf
c) Gray fox
d) Red fox 

Keep scrolling to find the answer.

Upcoming Events

BLM Logo

BLM seeks public comment on OMYA’s proposed plan of operation to use mill site mining claims

Deadline 6 July, 2020

The Bureau of Land Management is seeking public comment on an Environmental Assessment of the applicant’s use of mill site mining claims for rock and soil placement as a result of mining operations at the White Knob-White Ridge Limestone Quarries south of Lucerne Valley. (BLM CA news release)


3rd Annual Wild Horse Walkabout

21 Aug at 09:00 – 23 Aug at 17:00

Join us in beautiful northeastern California for an exciting weekend of exploring and experiential learning about wild horses and their habitat. Details and registration to follow. (BLM CA Facebook)

Wildlife Question of the Week Answer

The answer is c), Tree climbing is one of the most notable adaptations in the gray fox. Gray fox have been reported to den several yards above the ground. This is not only advantageous in escaping predators such as coyotes, it may also improve their ability to find food. By gripping the bole of the tree with their front paws, and as they push off with their hind feet, they will let go with their front and re-grip the bole of the tree higher up. Once they're up in the crown they tend to jump from branch to branch. Descent is backwards or if the tree is leaning they will run down the trunk of the tree.

Source: NY DEC High Desert Museum Twitter