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EM Update | Vol. 13, Issue 33 | Aug. 24, 2021


Hanford Awards Former Contractor $149,000 for 7-Month Evaluation Period


A Wastren Advantage, Inc. worker remotely handles tank waste samples through a hot cell in the 222-S Laboratory at the Hanford Site.

RICHLAND, Wash.EM awarded a former analytical services contractor nearly $149,000, or about 89% of the available award fee, for its work at the Hanford Site during a performance evaluation period of September 2020 to April 2021.
EM releases information relating to contractor fee payments — earned by completing the work called for in their contracts — to further transparency in its cleanup program.
Wastren Advantage, Inc. (WAI) provided laboratory analysis and testing services at the 222-S Laboratory in the 200 West area in support of Hanford cleanup. The lab receives, handles, tests, analyzes, and stores samples from numerous projects on the site. WAI workers provided expertise in fields including organic and inorganic chemistry, radiochemistry, and waste management.
WAI received “excellent” ratings for evaluations and proficiency tests, maintaining holding times, business interfaces and efficiency, and contract transition. The company was rated as “very good” for delivery, analytical reporting and data quality, and worker safety and health.
WAI significantly improved laboratory operations by mitigating impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the scorecard. The contractor worked collaboratively with other Hanford site contractors to resolve uncertainties relating to analytical production, provide exceptional support for the Direct-Feed Low-Activity Waste Program, and support a smooth contract transition to an incoming contractor while maintaining continuity of operations.
View the scorecard for WAI here.

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