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United Against Domestic Abuse
Protecting service members and families from domestic abuse is critical. Learn how you can provide support to victims, educate your community about domestic abuse and develop a culture of communication and trust.
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Cut Costs With Commissaries
Rising food costs are making it increasingly difficult for families to afford nutritious meals. Take action for World Food Day (October 16) — connect the military community to commissaries for savings, healthy recipes and more.

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Don't Fail to Plan: Disaster Prep Now
Disasters can strike at any time. Make sure the families you serve are prepared. Share these resources about what to do before, during and after a natural disaster so they can plan ahead.

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Coming Soon: 2022 EFMP Survey
In the coming weeks, service members with a dependent enrolled in EFMP will receive an email inviting them to take the 2022 EFMP survey. Encourage them to participate — survey feedback will inform program enhancements.

OurRelationship: Free & Flexible Online Support
OurRelationship offers free, flexible support for military couples. Pass it along to give couples a self-guided option to address common relationship issues like conflict resolution, communication and trust.

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Reclaiming Healthy Coping Skills
Anyone can fall into harmful coping habits, especially if stress levels are high. Invite your service members to understand unhealthy behaviors and where to turn to when things get tough.

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Personnel Accountability e-Tutorial
View this updated course to understand your responsibilities, learn how to account for you and your family in a disaster and encourage others to view this course.

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