April 2022: Month of MilKids, MilTax & Economic Security

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Wow, Our MilKids Are Resilient!
MilKids exhibit resilience every day as they face unique challenges that come with military life. This year’s Month of the Military Child celebrations focus on the mental health and well-being of all military children with virtual events and resources to help our families thrive.
Celebrate MilKids

Finish Filing Taxes for Free With MilTax
Tax Day is quickly approaching. Designed specifically for MilLife, MilTax provides support with free e-filing software and tax experts so the people you serve can beat the deadline.

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Child Abuse Prevention Month Toolkit
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and, as a community, it’s our job to be aware. Get resources you can share to help the military community learn signs of abuse and neglect and keep our MilKids safe.

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Economic Security Supports Readiness
More than 35 million people in the United States are food insecure, and many of them are service members. Learn how economic insecurity affects military readiness and ways to help with food, housing and money-related challenges.

Bolster our MilFams »

All the Moving Resources They Need
Military families can access the full range of PCS prep tools from the Military OneSource website. From the Defense Personal Property System to Plan My Move checklists and support services, it’s all neatly packed and ready to go.

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Requesting Honors for a Service Member
Families can request military funeral honors for their eligible deceased service member through a state representative or program manager. Download the directory of coordinators and keep it on hand for families.

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Month of the Military Child Toolkit
Military kids are remarkably resilient, but even the toughest kids can benefit from a helping hand. Read, access and download resources from the Month of the Military Child Toolkit and share your support.

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