Commerce at a Glance: March 16, 2020

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Commerce at a glance

March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Disease


Coronavirus: Resources, Updates, and What You Should Know


Keeping Workplaces, Homes, Schools, or Commercial Establishments Safe


Government Response to Coronavirus, COVID-19

Latest News

Statement from Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross on the 2020 Census and COVID-19

The U.S. Census Bureau is carefully monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and will fulfill our obligation to deliver the 2020 Census counts to the President of the United States. It has never been easier to respond on your own, whether online, over the phone or by mail—all without having to meet a census taker.


Census Bureau Statement on Modifying 2020 Census Operations to Make Sure College Students are Counted

The U.S. Census Bureau continues to carefully monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and follow the guidance of federal, state and local health authorities. We are adjusting some operations as outlined below with two key principles in mind: protecting the health and safety of our staff and the public and fulfilling our statutory requirement to deliver the 2020 Census counts to the President on schedule.


Statement from Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross on President Donald J. Trump's Declaration of a National Emergency

President Trump continued his strong leadership in the face of this crisis by declaring a National Emergency today to make more resources rapidly available to continue fighting COVID-19. It is this very leadership that has saved countless lives since the outbreak began.

We are all grateful to the American companies that are stepping up and doing their part to ensure the American public has access to the tests and supplies needed to combat this outbreak.


New Statistics Measure How Personal Income Is Distributed

BEA has developed prototype statistics that measure how the nation’s personal income is distributed across households, offering a new tool for assessing how Americans share in the nation’s economic growth.U.S. personal income is one of the principal economic indicators produced by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. BEA combined its data with other publicly available data, including demographic surveys, aggregated tax information, and administrative records, to measure how personal income is distributed.


The 2020 Census Is Ready for America to Respond

The 2020 Census is getting underway and is ready for America to respond as the first invitations begin to arrive at the nation’s estimated 140 million households March 12-20. For the first time, nearly everyone will be invited to respond online, by phone or by mail.


Journeys of innovation: Augmenting Ability

From a young age, Susann Keohane was intrigued by innovation. Though she expressed an innate interest and talent in math, it took the completion of her electrical and computer engineering degree and guidance from a few key mentors for her to realize that she could become an inventor herself. Now, 20 years and almost 200 patents into her career, Keohane is an IBM Master Inventor and the IBM Global Research Leader for the Aging Initiative. She is also a leading advocate for increased participation of women in STEM fields and an outstanding example of what’s possible for female inventors.


U.S. Seeks to be Africa’s Partner of Choice

The Trump administration is helping to build partnerships between businesses in the United States and Africa to drive new energy and infrastructure projects across the world’s second-largest continent. The end result: jobs in both the U.S. and Africa, while expanding exports for both regions.


K9s Tackle Jobs that are Impossible for Humans and Technology; Broadband Helps Keep Them Safe and Connected

After working with the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program during graduate school, I knew I wanted to work with service animals in my career. I served as Administrative Sergeant for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Search and Rescue K9 Unit, and stayed with the search and rescue team for twelve years. One of my proudest moments was working with my first search dog, Foley, to locate a twelve-year-old boy and reunite him with his mother.

In Case You Missed It

Today Show: ‘Sesame Street’ friends raise awareness about kid count in census

Count von Count and Abby Cadabby from “Sesame Street” stop by the 3rd hour of TODAY for an important conversation about how and why many children and babies are unaccounted for in the U.S. census.


U.S. Commerce Department extends Huawei license through May 15

The Trump administration said on Tuesday it was extending a license allowing U.S. companies to continue doing business with China’s Huawei Technologies Co Ltd until May 15. The U.S. Commerce Department has issued a series of extensions of the temporary license and had previously extended it until April 1. Huawei, the second-largest maker of smartphones, is also a major telecom equipment that provides 5G network technology. After adding Huawei to an economic blacklist in May citing national security concerns, the U.S. Commerce Department has allowed it to purchase some American-made goods in a move aimed at minimizing disruption for its customers, many of which operate wireless networks in rural America.


Local group awarded $2.2M to create disaster recovery headquarters in San Angelo

On Tuesday, March 3, 2020, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced that the Department’s Economic Development Administration (EDA) will award $2.2 million to the Concho Valley Council of Governments (CVCOG).


“The Trump Administration is working continuously to support natural disaster recovery efforts in Texas,” Ross said. “This project will support revitalization of the San Angelo region and rebuilding of impacted communities.”