DHS OIG's 2018 Fiscal Year-In-Review

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DHS OIG's 2018 FY-In-Review

DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) completed significant audits, inspections, and investigations to promote economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity in the Department’s programs and operations.

The highlights listed below are a compilation of FY 2018 SARs, which summarize the work and accomplishments of our office. Our reports provide the DHS Secretary and Congress with an objective assessment of the issues the Department faces. They also offer specific recommendations to correct deficiencies and improve the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of DHS’ programs.

Dollar Impact

  • Questioned Costs: $175,133,425
  • Funds Put to Better Use: $77,657,165
  • Funds Recovered/Deobligated: $58,748,471
  • Restitution: $27,561,639
  • Fines: $60,491
  • Asset Forfeiture: $72,947,509


  • Reports Issued: 89
  • Recommendations Issued: 318
  • Recommendations Closed: 279 
  • Hotline Complaints Received: 40,657
  • Whistleblower Complaints Received: 198
  • Investigations Referred to Prosecution: 202 
  • Investigations Closed: 856
  • Arrests: 103
  • Convictions: 76
  • Indictments: 133

Access SAR Archives

Check our Ongoing Projects list to review audits, inspections and evaluations we have undertaken in FY 2019.

* Report release dates are to be determined.

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