FEMA GO "Get Ready" Message for Stakeholders of the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program

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FEMA Grants Outcomes (FEMA GO)  |  Dec. 20, 2022

Dear Earthquake Program Managers: 

Happy Holidays! The FEMA National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (NEHRP) Team hope you are enjoying a safe, fun holiday season this year, and that you are looking forward to continued success on your earthquake grant projects in the new year. We are looking forward to continuing to assist you and your team in the new year and working together on a new grants management system to be used in 2023 – FEMA Grants Outcomes (FEMA GO).  

The FEMA GO system is a new, unified grants management experience for award recipients and applicants. In 2023, all new grant awards and funding opportunities under NEHRP will be managed in FEMA GO, instead of ND Grants (“Non-Disaster Grants Management System”). Existing grant awards currently managed in ND Grants will not be affected, and grant recipients will continue to operate in ND Grants through the closeout of those respective grant awards. This new grant management platform is part of the FEMA Grants Management Modernization effort underway to improve the grants management experience for award recipients and applicants.  

Register for a FEMA GO account to submit applications 

FEMA is striving to keep stakeholders and users fully informed to ensure a smooth transition to the new grants management system. To help with this transition, we recommend all organizations and entities interested in applying for funding under the FY 2023 NEHRP Notice of Funding Opportunity (release date pending) register in FEMA GO as soon as possible.  

To register an organization and/or entity in FEMA GO, the individuals who will be assisting with grant applications and managing potential future awards must first create an account in FEMA GO by visiting https://go.fema.gov/. Please note that all accounts created in FEMA GO must be unique to specific individuals; account login information may not be shared between organizations nor multiple points of contact.  
Detailed instructions for creating an account and how to then register an organization may be accessed in the document, FEMA GO Startup Guide, attached to this email. 

Update or Register for a System for Award Management (SAM) Account 

In addition to creating a FEMA GO account and registering your organizations and entities, each organization and entity registered must have an active System for Award Management (SAM.gov) account.  

If you have not already done so, we strongly recommend that your organization create an account in SAM.gov, renew your registration (if necessary, then annually), and update the organization’s SAM.gov profile. This step must be completed by your organization’s eBiz POC (“Electronic Business” point of contact specific to SAM.gov). If your organization is creating a SAM.gov account for the first time and if you’re unsure of who should be listed as your eBiz POC, resources to assist with this process are available at sam.gov/content/help.  

For those organizations interested in applying for funding under the FY 2023 NEHRP Funding Opportunity, it is critical for your organization to update and renew your SAM.gov account prior to the start of the application period because it may take several weeks to correct and renew organizational information in SAM.gov. As a reminder, registration and renewal in SAM.gov is free and can only be completed at SAM.gov.  

Once your organization has registered in FEMA GO, the system will then automatically import certain information from an organization’s active SAM.gov account, including the organization’s legal name, mailing and physical address, Entity Identifier Number (EIN), Unique Entity Identifier (UEI), and the eBiz Point of Contact (POC). 

Authorized Organization Representative 

Please note that the individual listed as the eBiz POC in SAM.gov will be automatically recognized as the organization’s primary Authorized Organization Representative (AOR), the legally responsible party, in the FEMA GO portal. Organizations may designate multiple individuals as an AOR in FEMA GO, but only the eBiz POC detailed in SAM.gov will automatically update in the FEMA GO system. The primary AOR can perform all functions in FEMA GO on behalf of an organization, as well as add additional users to an organization in FEMA GO. 

Additional Resources 

If you would like more information about FEMA GO, resources are available at https://www.fema.gov/grants/guidance-tools/fema-go 

The FEMA NEHRP Team will also provide information on upcoming FEMA GO training opportunities in the new year.  

If you have any technical issues creating an account in FEMA GO, please utilize the FEMA GO Helpdesk by contacting their technical support team at femago@fema.dhs.gov or 1-877-585-3242.  

As always, if you have any questions specific to the NEHRP Grant Program, please contact either Jon Foster, NEHRP Program Manager, at jonathon.foster@fema.dhs.gov, or Maigen Lawson, NEHRP Program Specialist, at maigen.lawson@fema.dhs.gov.